Poem of the Week: Tragic Love Poem X

Tragic Love Poem X
May 12, 2015

I was in love once upon a time.
However, I’m not anymore.
It’s hard to explain,
But I still feel the pain,
So here, let me settle the score.

My love I once thought had a good core—
So sweet and simple, like rain—
‘Til I realized how dumb
One day she’d become,
And I never felt the same again.

She’d follow the crowd time and again,
Heading with them to whatever slum
They’d choose to spend time
At, wallowing in grime
And doing what they’d do ‘mongst the scum.

Then came the day when her body grew numb
As she sniffed too much at one time.
Now she’s dead like a door,
Buried six feet or more
In the ground ‘neath the soot and lime.


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