Bonus Poem of the Week: Carry On, Step Back, or Forsake?

Carry On, Step Back, or Forsake?
April 25, 2015

When one’s passion dies, it can hurt like hell,
Leaving a gaping gap within one’s heart,
And it will take long until all is well,
Leaving one to wonder just where to start.
Does one continue loving the one thing
That no longer loves one back in hopes of
Mining any good from that very thing,
Knowing that it fits like a foot and glove?
Does one turn one’s back on the thing and cease
Wasting one’s time with it once and for all,
Or does one merely set aside that piece
Until later when one hears its sad call?
Such a tasking choice one is forced to make…
Does one carry on, step back, or forsake?


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