Poem of the Week: Superficiality

April 25, 2015

Superficiality stinks.
Superficiality sucks—
Sucks out the heart,
Sucks out the soul.
Soul like a vampire,
Soul of lust—
Lust for the physical,
Lust for the surface.
Surface most visible,
Surface of the skin,
Skin so thin,
Thin and flimsy,
Thin and hollow,
Hollow like birds’ bones,
Hollow and dry,
Dry of blood,
Dry of character.
Character makes men.
Character makes women.
Women are especially susceptible.
Women are especially chained—
Chained by trends,
Chained by body shape and fashion—
Fashion slaves,
Fashion not their own.
Own yourself.
Own your own style.
Style your own wardrobe.
Style your own hair and face.
Face yourself in the mirror.
Face the glory of independence—
Independence from subjugation,
Independence from judgment,
Judgment of appearance,
Judgment of character unseen—
Unseen by strangers
Unseen by those who don’t care,
Care about the truth,
Care about you as a person,
Person of interest,
Person worth knowing,
Knowing yourself,
Knowing what you’re worth—
Worth to the world,
Worth to others,
Others who love you,
Other who know you matter.


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