Poem of the Week: Just Another Long and Rambling Love Poem

Just Another Long and Rambling Love Poem
April 12, 2015

Lou Gramm once said that he wanted to know
Just what love was, and he sang about it so
To the point where his message carries on today,
Despite not receiving as much airplay
As it did back then, even though in my heart,
His words ring true to where I fall apart
At how I myself often start to feel
The same way at times, and it’s all too real
When at night I end up cuddling my pillow
To my bosom and start weeping like a willow—
Sometimes so hard that I throw a fit,
Which is craven of me, I’ll readily admit.
Even so, my longing for a soulmate
Has driven me so mad, it’s not up for debate,
And I wonder often what I’m doing wrong
To keep myself from living out a love song
Other than that one sung by Lou Gramm.
Yes, indeed, a hopeless romantic I am,
Always longing for that which’ll never be mine.
Ah, how this life of mine is such a grind!
Then again, so is all this wretched self-pity
I’ve been wallowing in from city to city
For so long that I can’t even begin
To fathom the mess I’ve put myself in,
Feeling sorry for myself night after night,
Going to Hell and back through this plight.
It’s so obnoxious, absurd, and insane
That I swear I’ve flushed my soul down the drain,
Never to ever get the thing back,
No matter what I do or how I attack
This foul lovesickness of mine once and for all.
Still, I must try, no matter how I fall,
For there must be something to say or do
To finally—FINALLY—chase off my blues
And see to it that my life from here on
More acutely portrays a different love song—
A wedding ballad of sorts, perhaps, I hope,
Should I think straight and not be a dope
And do all I can to prove I’m a man
Who’s worthy of love and not just a ham
Or a creep or schmuck out to give ladies grief
And make them toss and turn in their sleep
Upon their just meeting me, foul though I can be,
For I refuse to display the nasty side of me.
I know I’m a good person, or at least can be,
And that’s the side I want them all to see.


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