Poem of the Week: A Random Love Poem for One of the Gutsiest Women I’ve Ever Seen on Television

A Random Love Poem for One of the Gutsiest Women I’ve Ever Seen on Television
April 3, 2015

With spirit strong and demeanor kind,
For weeks now, you’ve been on my mind,
And no matter how hard or often I try,
My memory of you just won’t die
For right or wrong, for better or worse,
Be it a blessing or a curse.
I carry you in my heart and my soul,
And you’ll be there even as I grow old,
Especially knowing how things have gone
From day one since this has gone on.
I’ve seen you once upon a time
Wading through much emotional grime
With as much strength and courage as you could,
Yet the anger that gripped you did you no good,
And struggle you did for quite a while,
But in the end you learned to smile
And overcome all that had burdened you
All because you’d the will to pull through.
Thankful that I am you’d done just that,
I still can’t wonder where you’re at
Or what you’re doing now with your life
Now that you’ve triumphed over your strife.
Hopefully, you’ve been doing well
Since escaping your personal hell
And are living the life you’ve long deserved
Since your troubles had put you on the verge
Of joining the slew of humanity’s fallen,
Had you not the guts to resist that callin’.
Still, I wish with all my heart
I could’ve been with you from the start
To lend you a hand when things got rough
And hold you tight when you didn’t feel tough
Enough to battle the pain you’d felt
And cope with the troubles you’d been dealt.
No woman or man should have to endure
A havoc so hectic, heinous, and impure
That it crushes his or her spirits so much
To the point where they’re tender to the touch,
And I bet that should I’ve been there for you,
I’d do all I could to see you through.
You wouldn’t have had to endure your fight
All by yourself every day and night.
You would have had someone by your side
To ease your grief when you wanted to hide
In a corner until the storms went away
In hopes of seeing a brighter day—
A day that would have indeed come,
Seeing as you could talk to someone
To help you through all your vile drama
Rather than your creepy surrogate mama
Who sung to you with a wicked, forked tongue,
Twisted you ‘round her finger ‘til you were done,
And humiliated you for all
To see and hear that given fall.
If nothing else, I would’ve tried
To see you through, standing by your side,
And healed you with all the compassion I
Could muster for you ‘fore your soul died
Of anguish and fear too intense for
Any lesser person’s fragile core.
You deserved love then—in droves, too—
And such would’ve been what I’d have given you,
And I just hope now, after your new start,
You’ve plenty of love and peace in your heart
And are living the life you’ve earned for yourself,
Now that your one book’s sitting on your shelf.
Still, I wish I could’ve been there
To show you exactly how much I cared
About your plight and offer you
Whatever I could to help you through.
That’s how real “straight” men work, after all:
Always there to catch their women, should they fall
And lend their shoulders for the gals to cry on,
Should they be coping with things best bygone,
And I can only start to tell just how manly
I’d feel if I could show you how I can be
Responsible for somebody else
And not think about only myself.
I’m a lonely sap as I am anyway,
And having a companion would sure make my day,
Even if I had to earn her love,
Which is certainly something I’m not above
Doing at all to prove my mettle,
But hey, now I’m just whistling like a kettle.
I’ll stop there, then, but overall,
I’m happy you’ve saved yourself from a fall,
And maybe in a different time and place,
You and I can share an embrace
And both our hearts can be warmed with love
As blessed by the powers from high above.
Until then, this lifetime comes first,
So let’s both make the best, not the worst,
Of what we each have, and maybe someday,
We’ll cross paths somehow, someway,
And get to know each other better,
No matter the season or the weather,
No matter whom you may have now
To tend to your needs any way, anyhow,
No mater your fate now or ‘round the bend,
Know this, sweetheart, in the end:
My heart is yours, forever true,
And one day, I hope to be with you.


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