Bonus Poem of the Week: Behind: A Love Ghazal

Behind: A Love Ghazal
April 6, 2015

Constantly lost in thought, trying to clear my mind,
Hoping to leave my insecurities behind,

Searching for the words to let you know how I feel,
Wishing I could toss these difficulties behind

In terms of sharing with you this warmth in my heart,
Chucking any and all impurities behind,

Letting you know my love for you is genuine,
Encouraging you to cast your worries behind

About me straying from your side for another,
Leaving you as well as all our babies behind.

Forever do I intend to take care of you
From now ‘til death, where I’ll leave much moneys behind,

Tending to all your needs ev’ry which way I can,
Casting all childish insecurities behind,

Being the best man you could ever ask for, dear—
The kind of man to help you toss your worries behind

As we head into tomorrow and forever
Together, leaving all impurities behind

That contaminate this world, cruel as it can be,
Watching our troubles perish like squished fleas behind.

You’re my life, my beloved. Never forget that.
Now please let’s both leave these insanities behind.


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