Poem of the Week: Through Hell to Heaven

Through Hell to Heaven
April 3, 2015

Sometimes to get to Heaven, we’ve got to go through Hell.
Sometimes we need to suffer before our lives go well.
It’s a pain in the neck to cope with, but cope with it we must
If we ever plan on living well—if it’s Xanadu or bust.

We all have drama in our lives, be it good or bad.
Sometimes, it’s the best thing ever, other times, the worst we’ve had.
Life ain’t all graduations and birthdays, after all,
For often are the times in life where we each take a fall.

Sometimes we lose a loved one to violence or disease—
A painful blow either way, the pain of which is hard to appease.
Sometimes we lose a job and with it the income to pay
The bills that keep on piling up relentlessly by the day.

Sometimes we lose a sense of pride when someone unkind
Insults us and makes us want to whip his or her behind.
Sometimes we lose a sense of respect for the people whom
We look up to when they do something dumb that brings their doom.

Sometimes we lose our faith in the way things have become
When we think back to the simpler life and lament at how it’s done.
Sometimes we lose our sense of direction from time to time
And end up missing the very mark that would make our lives sublime.

No matter what the situation, we must persevere.
We must prove to ourselves that we can master our own fear
And with our courage guiding us achieve what we desire
To lift ourselves to Heaven, high above Hell’s hungry fire,

For the Powers That Be have given us power over our own fate
To help us purge the cowardice, confusion, and hate
Out of our systems so that our strength may accumulate
And we can meet our destiny, no matter what piles on our plate.

Life is what one makes of it, after all, as per the saying,
And no one spends every minute carelessly laughing and playing,
And when times get tough, we all somehow screw in our heels
And stand up straight as we tangle with whatever life deals.

Only then can we hope to see a light at the end of the tunnel
Down which we all traverse like a perpendicular wind funnel,
For drama is inevitable, but with courage, we can overcome
That which is thrown our way under Heaven’s blazing sun.


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