Poem of the Week: ‘Til This Life’s Done

‘Til This Life’s Done
March 27, 2015

Been such a louse over my many years
On this planet that I doubt I’ll ever
Even approach Xanadu’s gates, I fear,
Though trying would be a great endeavor.
So many people I’ve treated like trash,
So any things I should’ve said and done,
So many times I’ve made myself an ass
When this war ‘gainst life’s crap I could’ve won.
Now, though, I’m trying to be the best man
I can be with what little time I’ve left
In this life so that in the next I can
Live in peace with far less burden to heft.
I may be hoping ‘gainst hope with this one,
Bust I know I can’t stop ‘til this life’s done.


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