Poem of the Week: Hate Hurts

Hate Hurts
March 12, 2015

Hate hurts.
Hate kills—
Kills hearts,
Kills souls,
Souls to ash,
Souls to stone,
Stone dead,
Stone dumb.
Dumb it is to hate.
Dumb it is to hurt—
Hurt others,
Hurt oneself,
Oneself when one needs healing,
Oneself when one needs love,
Love from others,
Love for others,
Others who can help,
Others who can heal,
Heal the soul,
Heal the heart,
Heart long shattered,
Heart dried and dying—
Dying for affection,
Dying for tenderness
Tenderness never received
Tenderness never felt
Felt for others
Felt for what one holds close
Close to one’s soul,
Close to one’s spirit
Spirit once crippled,
Spirit that can rise again
Again know prosperity,
Again know peace
Peace and tranquility
Peace after so much turmoil
Turmoil in the mind,
Turmoil that yet lingers,
Lingers to be vanquished,
Lingers, but not for long.
Long live love.
Long live hope,
Hope for resurrection,
Hope for moving forward,
Forward into a new life,
Forward to a new day,
Day of acceptance
Day of love.


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