Poem of the Week: Time to Grow Up

Time to Grow Up
March 16, 2015

The good old days were great. That I’ll never deny,
But let’s face it: Those days have long gone by.
I’m not a kid anymore—far from it, actually,
And that’s a matter I must address factually,
For denying who you are is cheating yourself of truth,
And sad as it is to realize, we all move on from our youth—
Forever remembered and cherished, never to be relived,
Lest you count what second chance your Higher Power may give.
For all I know, though, I’ve but this one life to live,
And I’ve thus learned about the effort one must give
In order to make the most of the life one’s been given
And have asked myself if I’ve ever really been driven
Towards my ultimate goal of self-fulfillment
Or if the better years of mine I have spent
Lollygagging around and avoiding destiny
Trying out this and that, but never really being me—
Not who I’m supposed to be, leastways—by now,
Cheating myself out of my own inner peace, and how.
Ever since day one, I should’ve stuck to one path,
Never deviating from it, never looking back,
And ultimately accepted where said path would’ve led me.
Only then, I’m convinced, would I’ve been all I could be.
Sadly, that’s not the case, for for the longest while,
I’ve been wandering through life an aimless child,
Never knowing where I’m going, only where I’ve been,
Often running in circles time and time again,
Never building myself to be one thing or another.
Henceforth, here I am, sailing in the doldrums, brother,
Once letting the wind guide me, which has since stayed where it’s at
To the north and south of me, where competing winds still spat.
This has got to stop. This must come to an end.
I need to reach my destiny sooner or later, friend.
Any more mindless wandering, and I’m bound to throw up.
Enough beating around the bush. It’s time for me to grow up.
It’s time for me to pick a final path and stay on it,
Come face to face with my fate and accept it, doggone it!
I’ve wandered to and fro enough, and look where it’s led me:
A spot I’ve been in for years—a spot I’d rather not be.
Time to buckle down, then, and put on my big boy briefs,
Take a deep breath, face the future, stand on my own two feet.
My childhood’ll never return; ‘tis naught a memory.
Adulthood, however, lasts ‘til death, a anyone can see.
Time to grow up, then, I say, and embrace what lies ahead.
Self-fulfillment’s my goal now, and I shan’t rest ‘til I’m dead.


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