Poem of the Week: Brain on the Fritz Again

Brain on the Fritz Again
February 25, 2015

Buzz! Crackle! Fizz! go the wires in my mind.
A hundred random images I swore I’d left behind.
A pressing task before me I must complete ASAP.
A sense of exhaustion coaxing me into taking a nap.
How can I overcome this? How can I try to cope?
How can I discipline myself? Have I any hope?
Even with my distractions don’t fall into my lap,
My mind keeps going on the fritz, and I’m sick of this crap.
I try to slog on through it all, but things simply won’t flow.
My mental plumbing’s all clogged up and just won’t let crap go.
I try giving in to my distractions, but that backfires, too,
As my focus only gets more distorted than before. Aw, phoo!
I’ve also tried balancing things out between one job and the next,
But even then, it’s one step forth, another back, and I’m vexed.
There’s clearly something I’m doing wrong—or, at least, not doing right.
Such is what I put up with every day and every night.
Is my work ethic that shoddy? Am I just that slow in the head?
Have just that many cells of my gray matter gone dead?
Is my talent waning just that fast? Had I even that much at first?
Whatever the case, all I know is that this problem’s at its worst
And might even worsen all the more, lest I do something fast.
After all, I’ve a dream to forge, and I can’t have this last.
It’s back to getting my together again before it’s too late.
This static force with which I must cope is no longer up for debate.


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