Poem of the Week: What Have You Done?

What Have You Done?
January 15, 2015

What have you done to set things right?
What have you done to fight the good fight?
What have you done to prove your worth—
That you’re more than a whiner with much girth?

How many dues through the years have you paid?
How much change in your life have you made?
How have you bothered to change the world
And make it fit for tomorrow’s boys and girls?

What else can you do but moan and complain?
What else can you do but place the blame?
What else can you do but sit on a shelf
Like a dusty old book, feeling sorry for yourself?

How have you righted any wrongs?
How have you helped this world grow strong?
How have you benefitted anyone
Other than yourself, narcissistic scum?

When will you stop sitting on your ass?
When will you stop spewing crap so crass?
When will you stop hiding behind your screen
And trying to act like you’re so tough and mean?

Why not try to help somebody for a change?
Why not help someone in life rearrange?
Why not lend a hand as opposed to a tongue,
Razor-sharp, acid-laced, primed to cut someone?

Will you do anything to change your tune?
Will you do anything of the sort soon?
Will you evolve from the slug you mare
If doing so will help at least you go far?

Will you cease your childish, sniveling ways?
Will you help the world to see better days?
Will you finally accept responsibility
And fight for a brighter future for you and me?

We all know the world’s in a mess right now
And that the good old days are gone—and how!
Still, how does it help to point fingers
At who allegedly caused these problems that still linger?

Don’t you know we’re all swimming in the same sea,
Drowning in each other’s negativity?
Yet here you are with your verbal pollution,
Peeved about the problem when you could find a solution.

Enough is enough with the same old song.
It’s not helping humanity move along.
Forget hurting others; healing’s what we need.
For too long have we let this world bleed.

Let’s work together, then, and set aside
Our prejudice, rage, and hurtful pride
And set things straight so we all can stand tall.
We’re all in this together, after all.


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