Bonus Poem of the Week: Another Message for Mr. Spambot

Another Message for Mr. Spambot
January 15, 2015

When did I ever ask to hear from you?
I’ve never bought a thing from you at all,
Yet look at the mess you’re putting me through:
One spam mail per day, forty-plus in all.
I don’t care how tough business is for you.
You should know by now that phishing is wrong
And of the hell such crap will put you through,
Should somebody turn ‘round and sing a song
To the FTC ‘bout your BS acts.
If I was you, then, I’d just give it up.
You’re just being a pest, and that’s a fact.
Take the hint, then, pal: Enough is enough,
And don’t ever expect me, either, to
Buy anything from a spambot like you.


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