Poem of the Week: 21st Century American College Grad Job Search

21st Century American College Grad Job Search
January 9, 2015

Earned myself a Master’s. You’d think it’d take me far
And net me a job that’d make me enough to at least buy a car.
One year in, however, and I was back on the streets
All ‘cause my boss felt my salary he could no longer meet.
I can’t even tell you, either, how many years it’s been
Since that fateful day has happened and the state I’m now in,
Nor can I start to tell you how often I have tried
To seek employment elsewhere and regain my sense of pride.
Sadly, though, nobody wants a worker with a brain,
Even during hours that would drive other folks insane
Or even if said worker’s willing to settle for bottom dollar.
“Good riddance, buster! You’re overqualified!” they holler.
Then again, others dismiss me simply ‘cause I lack
Experience in their given field and tell me “Get lost, Jack!”
Instead of giving me that chance to gain the ground I need
And prove myself a worthy hand willing to sweat, cry, and bleed
For the wellbeing of the company, learning along the way
To do what’s expected of me, even on my worst days.
Apparently, a good mind is of no worth anymore,
Which has been the case for years now and might be for many more.
It’s all a vicious cycle I’ve endured for far too long,
And I really wish I could stop singing this morbid song
And instead see the day in which society finally
Stops ignoring and dismissing my potential and lets me
Contribute to the workforce and prove that I’ve the skill
To help the company that hires me move on as per its will.
I’m sick of every interviewer wishing me “best of luck”
Before they kick me out the door, thinking I don’t have the stuff.
So many places I’ve applied, and yet the same reply,
And yet the only thing I can think of is to try
Again and again over and over until at long last,
An employer gives me the chance I need and this’ll be the past—
A past to which I hope I never have to return,
For I’m sick of all this nonsense and hope I can one day burn
This bridge that I’ve been building for too long as things stand.
I’m not some worthless little boy, dammit, but a grown-ass man—
A man who’s competent at a lot of things, believe it or not,
Getting older with each coming year ‘til the day I become an old sot
And what use will I be to the workforce at that age then,
Especially with all the young hopefuls leaving their playpens
To step into the working world to earn an adult’s living?
When it comes to me, will there be a second look employers’ll be giving?
Something’s got to happen, man. Something’s got to give.
This is not the kind of life any decent person should live.
I’ve got to make it somehow and like I’ve said before,
I’ll keep on searching for that job, keep putting my foot in the door.
Someone’s got to see my potential one of these days.
I can’t be blown off forever. That just can’t be the way.


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