Bonus Poem of the Week: Girls Need Heroes, Too

Happy 2015, readers!

To celebrate the new year, I’ve written the following limerick chain that addresses an issue that I hope either gets resolved by the end of this year or, failing that, at least comes closer to resolution by then. Granted, I myself have tried to do my part in the fight for gender equality with my women’s wrestling book, UWWX: The Underground Women’s Wrestling Xperiment, but in sincere retrospect, my execution didn’t exactly justify my idea as well as I’d wanted, and I basically ended up doing the very thing I’ve criticized Women of Wrestling founder David McLane on June 12, 2012 of doing with his promotion back in 2000-2001 by trying to appeal to too many demographics at once. Ultimately, then, the draft I ended up publishing electronically could have very well been more refined before I had done so, although I do hope to edit it when I get the chance. However, I cannot make any promises, especially with my current projects taking top priority as yet.

In the words of Julie Kerwin and Dawn Hadeau, "If you give a girl a different toy, she will tell a different story."

In the words of Julie Kerwin and Dawn Hadeau, “If you give a girl a different toy, she will tell a different story.”

Thankfully, GoldieBlox founder and CEO Debbie Sterling and IAmElemental creators Julie Kerwin and Dawn Nadeau have proven to be far more perceptive and strategic in tackling this matter with their respective toy lines, both of which have made names for themselves in 2014. On that note, I am personally very proud of both parties and wish them nothing but continued success from here on out. (Click here and here for more about how each company has been making its respective splash in the media.) Thus, in celebration of their success and as a means of adding a more thoughtful contribution to the sealing of the gender gap than I have before, I hereby present Girls Need Heroes, Too. Enjoy!


Girls Need Heroes, Too
December 29, 2014

Girls need heroes, too.
It’s not just boys who do,
But just where are these
Strong personalities
Whom girls can look up to?

Where are such women and girls,
Be they living in this world
Or fictional characters
With plenty of character,
Who will help this idea unfurl?

Where are the action heroines
Who battle through thick and thin
And muscle their way
To saving the day,
No matter the trouble one’s in?

Where are the women with brains,
Sufficient and self-trained,
Who can do any task
Anyone could ask
Of any man with half a brain?

Where are the women with heart,
Too strong-willed to fall apart
In the face of trouble—
Who, instead, on the double
Roll up their sleeves and start

Working on the problems they face
And putting them in their place
With well-thought strategy,
Being cool as can be
As well as credits to the human race?

Such women exist, I know,
But rarely do we see so,
For we live in, you see,
A pro-male society,
And much to an equalist’s woe,

The women who fetch the most eyes
Are those who pander to the guys:
Dangerously thin,
Showing off all their skin,
And devoid of skill otherwise.

For far too long, too, it’s been plain:
We’ve valued beauty over brains,
More often seen than heard
In spite of what words
They’ve shared with us time and again.

Too often, we’ve ignored those with jobs
Of any typical male slob
Doing said jobs with ease,
For we’re far more pleased
With the superficial stuff, Bob,

And yet, there’s this truth we keep
Preaching, even in our sleep,
To value what’s inside
And not just one’s hide,
For beauty is but skin-deep.

Truth be told, though, to my stone heart,
There’ve been, in some forms of art,
Some attempts to portray
Women in a broader way,
Which, in my eyes, is a good start,

But these attempts are far between
And too few, if you know what I mean,
For as long as the brutes
In the tank tops and suits
Keep portraying women as they’ve been,

The heroines will remain to dwell
In the shadows of Unknown Hell,
Never for us to see
Them as more than oddities
In a world where beauty and sex sell,

And with this frame of mind, I’ve been through,
For girls need heroes, too,
Even more so than us guys,
And don’t say that’s a lie,
For deep down, you know it’s true.


GoldieBlox: Inspiring girls to build a future

GoldieBlox: Inspiring girls to build a future

That should do it for today. Thank you all for reading, and as always, feel free to visit my author pages at, and to check out my current work. Also, feel free to visit the respective websites for GoldieBlox and IAmElemental for more information about each toy line. Until then, thanks again, folks, and happy reading!

Regards, Dustin M. Weber

PS: The images used in this blog entry are credited to the following websites:

The poem itself, however, and all opinions expressed in conjunction with it are the author’s own.


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