Poem of the Week: Let This Be the Year

happy-new-year-2015-wallpaper_1418166124Hello, readers…

…and a belated Happy Holidays to each and every one of you. I apologize for the lack of any Holiday-related poetry this year between October and now, but things have been pretty busy here. Thankfully, however, I have this poem to provide you all with: my final poem for 2014.

Here’s hoping that 2015 proves to be a year of change for the better for the world as we know it. Without further ado, then, here’s Let This Be the Year.


Let This Be the Year
December 25, 2014

Looking back is more painful than it has to be,
For now it’s 2015, and what do I see?
Many a moment in time I’ve the misfortune to miss;
Memories that should have been mine, if you get the gist;
Things I should have gone through, had I only taken the time;
Songs I could have written, had I only the will to rhyme;
People whose lives I could have touched, if not for my weak will;
Things I would have loved dearly, had I not been such a pill.
So many things I could have done and seen and felt in my life,
And yet, here I am, another year gone, wallowing in strife,
Agony, and self-pity, knowing all I could have said
And done to better myself, all the books I could have read,
All the things I could have put together with my own two hands,
All the people and places I could have seen here and in other lands,
And everything I could have learned and absorbed along the way—
Memories to last a lifetime and even after my dying day,
And yet, what’ve I to show for all the years I’ve been alive?
What’ve I produced to prove that my life is more than jive?
What’ve I done or said for so long to prove my worth to this world,
To create a torch to pass down to today’s young boys and girls?
What example have I set for others to strive to live up to?
Honestly, I’m old as things stand. What living yet can I do?
Is it too late in my live to leave a legacy behind,
Or am I only taking up space in this world of yours and mine?
What can I do to say or prove that I, too, have a place
In this insane world of ours and that I’m not just some disgrace
To the human race, mixed bag though it is? After all, for everyone good,
There’s someone lurking in the shadows of every neighborhood
Who’s out to make others miserable in one way or another,
Lying to, cheating, and stealing from his or her sisters and brothers,
And I refuse to degenerate into such pathetic scum.
However, absurd though it’d be, I may’ve already become one
On account of the self-absorption that I’ve wallowed in,
And if I’m right, I hope I can somehow make up for my sins.
I hope it’s not too late, either, for I’ve already lived so long,
And if I’ve only one year left to make up for all the wrong
I’ve done in my life to myself and others, then let this year be it
To become whom I’m supposed to be and not another twit
Who leeches off of others and makes others’ lives hell,
For I’d much rather have a far more pleasant story to tell—
Not a tale of tragedy, but rather of triumph, friends,
Who, through hardship self-imposed I’ve survived to the bitter end
In hopes of making this world a better place in my own way
So that the next generation can witness brighter days
And have something to look forward to other than uncertainty,
Which sadly is my current fate brought about by none but me.
Let this be the year, then, even if the only one
For me to help others move forward under Heaven’s hot sun
And give them hope for the future via the words I say,
For unlike me, they have the chance to see a brighter day.
It may be too late, after all, to do all I’ve meant to do,
But why should that stop those after me? Such is what I ask you.


That should do it for this year. In the meantime, thank you all for making my past three years in hosting this blog worth my while, and I definitely look forward to your support in the year to come. Aside from that, feel free to visit my author pages at Smashwords.comAmazon.com, and Amazon.co.uk to check out my current work, and until we meet again, happy reading!

Dustin M. Weber

PS: The image used in this blog entry is credited to the following websites:



The poem itself, however, is the author’s own.


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