Poem of the Week: Love Come, Love Gone

Love Come, Love Gone
December 16, 2014

Love come,
Love gone,
Gone like yesterday,
Gone with the wind—
Wind going south,
Wind of Change,
Change of mind,
Change of heart,
Heart of glass,
Heart turned to stone.
Stone-cold demeanor,
Stone-cold stare,
Stare at what I once knew,
Stare into the void,
Void of substance,
Void of sense.
Sense to question my judgment,
Sense to kick myself in the ass.
Ass for rooting through trash for treasure,
Ass for seeking depth in shallowness—
Shallowness of thought,
Shallowness of perception,
Perception of what it could have been,
Perception of what it was meant to be—
Be intense,
Be committed,
Committed to quality,
Committed to value—
Value in its performers’ talents,
Values in its audience’s intelligence,
Intelligence to “get it,”
Intelligence to tell gold from garbage.
Garbage it is, though.
Garbage it has become—
Become meritless,
Become worthless,
Worthless to its own fans,
Worthless to its detractors—
Detractors who are all too happy to bash it,
Detractors who are all too happy to shut it down,
Down to an early grave,
Down to the depths of Hell.
Hell if I know what they were thinking.
Hell if I know now why I supported them,
Them in all their ignorance,
Them in all their recklessness—
Recklessness that has now cost them,
Recklessness that has now led them to their doom.


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7 thoughts on “Poem of the Week: Love Come, Love Gone

  1. So does this mean that you’re officially done with the crapfest known as Lucha Underground? If so, good for you! One less viewer of that craptastic nightmare of a show, if that’s the case.

    Good riddance, Lucha Underground! You SUCK!!!

    • Thank you getting the point of the poem.

      Yeah, I am indeed done with LU and don’t plan on ever going back to it…or pro wrestling as a whole, for that matter. After all, I have so much else on my plate at the moment to concentrate on, and I’d rather focus my energy on things that don’t spit in my face on a regular basis.

      That being said, though, why all the hatred for it? I understand the booking is far sloppier than most fans realize and that the editing and commentary can both be overrated as well, but to wish it “Good riddance,” especially when WWE needs all the [quality] competition it can get? I’m sorry, but while I may have felt insulted by some of LU’s booking decisions, even I feel wishing for it to fail would be a little extreme.

      • Trust me, dude. Lucha Underground sucks and deserves to burn in the fiery depths of Hell for being as bad a wrestling show as it is. The only people who like this crap are braindead WWE-/TNA-bashing hipsters who’ll cheer on anything that isn’t that “mainstream” as those two promotions and are so desperate for good televised wrestling that they’ll tune in to utter, obvious trash just to get their pro wrestling fix.

        Senseless booking, annoying characters, sloppy editing, lame-ass commentary…this show has it all. Makes me miss WCW, in fact.

      • That’s a shame to hear, Dustin, only because right now, Lucha Underground is the best thing going in the wrestling industry today. No, it’s not perfect, but considering how WWE‘s in a mess right now, it’s at least an excellent alternative to Vinny Mac’s brand of programming–minus NXT, of course, with which it’s on par. Hopefully, you’ll come on back to watch more of it, but even if you don’t, thanks for at least being an adult when it comes to sharing your opinions about it.

        Also, for all you twits bashing LU just because YOU don’t like it, you really need to grow up and keep your minds fixed on that OTHER “alternative” to the WWE with which you’re so enamored. WWE needs all the competition it can get, after all, and even if you’re NOT TNA fanbrats, the fact remains that TNA had its day in the sun once upon a time and has blown it after losing its TV deal with that ungrateful joke of a network, Spike TV, this past year. Seriously, it’s wrestling fans like you who make the rest of us look like perpetually angry crybabies who are never satisfied with anything.

    • Hey, at least LU doesn’t have that overrated, overhyped, talentless attention/sympathy whore bitch Mickie James. To Hell with her and her shrieking, annoying, mindless sheep! Mickie James SUCKS! Always has, always will.

      • Hey, as classless as Mickie has been in the past (cheating on one-time fiancé Kenny Dykstra with John Cena back in the late 2000s, posing nude, etc.), Lisa Marie Varon (a.k.a. “Victoria”/”Tara” from WWE/TNA, respectively) isn’t exactly the biggest class act in the world, either. I still remember how TNA shoved her down the fans’ throats back in 2009-10 over other, worthier, more talented Knockouts than she had ever been or could ever hope to be (Nikki Roxx, Sara Stock, Ayako Hamada, Awesome Kong, etc.), and yet, all she could do was whine and complain about how bad her own host product was, how poorly she was being treated according to her, and how the other Knockouts had “second-rate class” just for looking at her the wrong way behind the scenes on account of her being so spoiled…and for being an undeserving Diva (in every sense of the word, mind you) and an overrated, sloppy-as-all-Hell worker, too. Even so, she came back after she’d “quit” back in June 2010 over her gripes of not earning the money she “deserved,” continued to be shoved down the fans’ throats until Mickie James and Gail Kim both came back to hog the spotlight themselves, kept posting videos via YouTube of the WWE Divas-in-training down in FCW, and when she finally left TNA in 2013, begged Vince McMahon to bring her back despite being in her 40s already. Even now, she’s been whoring herself out for attention, blasting Dixie Carter for how badly she was allegedly treated in TNA, and just being a Total Nonstop Ass, so to speak.

        I’m sorry, but Lisa Marie Varon needs to grow up, shut up, quit throwing herself a pity party and inviting the rest of the world to it, and just bow out gracefully from the limelight completely. She also needs to show some graciousness to her fans for their support, too, for without them, she’d be just another poor woman’s Trish Stratus who entered the wrestling scene for the money far more than any love she’d had for the business. I mean, Hell, if it weren’t for WCW bringing her in and having her sit on Scott Hall’s lap once upon a time, no one would know who this childish, bitter old shrew was, nor would they know her for the ungrateful, condescending, self-absorbed piece of trash she had become. Honestly, if she cared so much about the business, why didn’t she train to become a wrestler back when she was in her late teens, early twenties rather than at the age of, say, twenty-seven? Heck, why didn’t she bother to hit the indy scene back in ’09 after quitting WWE before going to TNA and working off whatever ring rust she had so that she could actually WORK a match with the rest of the Knockouts and not show everyone just how much she truly sucked? Either that, or she should have just gone straight to MMA and never bothered with TNA in the first place, if she were so money-hungry. She’d have saved a lot of people a lot of grief that way in particular.

      • Yeah, I’ll admit that I was MUCH more of a fan of Sara Stock, Ayako Hamada, Alissa Flash, Awesome Kong, Nikki Roxx, etc. than I EVER was a fan of Lisa Marie Varon. Then again, what can I say? I always appreciated TNA’s homegrown talent FAR more than I did their WWE imports simply because they were new and different to me at the time.

        Also, I’m rarely–if, in fact, EVER–a fan of wrestlers who can’t just let the business go after they leave it, particularly the ones who dwell on how miserable their careers were, either for real or in their own heads. Such people just need to be happy that they had any effect on the industry at all and leave it at that. Besides, with so many hungry and talented up-and-comers on the horizon, why give such jaded folks the time of day? It’s over. It’s done. Move on already!

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