Poem of the Week: Two Words

Two Words
November 24, 2014

Two words: I’m sorry—
Often the best thing to say
To one you’ve tortured
And tormented in
The past, whether that’d be just
Mere seconds ago
Or over the course
Of countless years, whether your
Doing so was a
Deliberate act
Of ill will or simply out
Of crass ignorance.
Only two words, yet
They pack so potent a punch
When used properly—
In other words, with
All the sincerity and
Remorse in your soul
Driving them into
The heart of the one you’ve hurt
And mending the wounds
You’ve made once upon
A time, even if only
Partially. Of course,
That doesn’t mean that
Said apology will be
Enough by itself
To win back any
Confidence from the person
To whom you give it.
Sometimes you need just
A little bit more to make
It mean exactly
How you want it to.
Promise, courage, commitment—
All are crucial here:
The promise to change
For the betterment of your
Relationship with
He or she to whom
You’ve apologized, partnered
With the commitment
To uphold your word
And the courage to take on
Whatever tasks lie
Ahead of you on
Your quest for self-redemption.
Such is the road down
Which you must travel
To ensure that forgiveness
Will come to you in
The near-future, for
Only this journey will teach
You the meaning of
What it means to be
A good person and as such
Worthy of someone’s
Forgiveness. Just you
Remember this, though: It still
Takes two words for you
To start this journey
That just might change your life for-
Ever: I’m sorry.


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