Poem of the Week: Prejudice Is Preposterous

Hello, readers!

First off, a belated Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Americans. I hope your holiday was excellent.

Secondly, I’d like to dedicate the following villanelle to everyone on Planet Earth who is sick and tired of each and every bit of discrimination he or she has read, heard, received, or otherwise witnessed in his or her lifetime, be that prejudice racism, sexism, ethnic bias, religious bias, generational bias (e.g., anti-Baby Boomer/Generation X/Generation Y), prejudice against a given sexual orientation or political preference, or any other poorly founded form of collective disdain or distrust. This composition is not based on any specific event or series of events, either, but rather on the basic notion that subscribing to any negative generalization about any group of people has proven time and again and will continue to prove to be a habit that is grossly inaccurate at best and downright vile and hurtful at worst. I apologize if I sound like a “hippie” of sorts, too, but personally, I would not recoil at all against the notion of living in a world where we all would stop looking at ourselves as members of our given demographics and just look at us all as people. Only then, I believe, will this messed-up world we live in at least start to change for the better.

All that being said, on with the poem!


Prejudice Is Preposterous
November 28, 2014

Prejudice is preposterous, folks—
‘Specially when we must be united.
One day, I hope this all goes up in smoke.

Hate towards one’s sex or race is no joke,
But a poison that keeps us divided.
Prejudice is preposterous, folks!

Too easy is it to fear other blokes
Who aren’t like us, yet equally slighted.
One day, I hope this all goes up in smoke.

I’m shocked that at this point, we’re not quite broke
In spirit, though our nation’s still blighted.
Prejudice is preposterous, folks!

We must come together, should we have hope
To heal this land that need be united.
One day, I hope this all goes up in smoke.

All hands on deck, then, for we need that stroke.
We can’t do squat when we’re so divided.
Prejudice is preposterous, folks!
One day, I hope this all goes up in smoke.


That should do it for this week. Thank you all for stopping by, and before I sign off, I’d just like to add this one final message to everyone who has negative feelings towards members of certain races, age groups, religious practices, et cetera: Just because certain individuals that happen to belong to the groups you hate or fear live up to such a negative stereotype doesn’t mean that they all fit that mold. If you must judge a person, judge him or her by what he or she says and does rather than by such superficial aspects as how said person looks, the year said person was born, and so forth. Judgments of the latter kind are not only incorrect and thus unfair, but also more often than not outright damaging in the long run, both towards the people upon whom you place them and to your own state of mind. Therefore, everyone, enough with the disparagement. It’s getting us all nowhere.

Dustin M. Weber

Author Pages: Smashwords.com



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