Poem of the Week: A Poet’s Misadventure in Fighting Off Sleep

Fighting Off Sleep
October 30, 2014

Tired, pooped, exhausted, in desperate need of sleep,
But stay awake I must, else I’ll end up in deep
Fecal matter for not meeting another deadline
Something I cannot afford to do, for I’m already behind.
Dammit! Where’s my motivation when I need it most
To help me complete a project about which I can boast?
Where’s my will to carry on in the face of adversity?
Oh, no! It’s Mr. Sandman again. Please, sir, let me be.
Just one more paragraph, please. I promise it won’t be long.
Just let me have this moment to hang tough and carry…


Oy, vey…did I pass out? I’d better check the time.
What? Four o’clock?! Three hours since my last rhyme?!
You’ve got to be kidding me! I actually fell asleep for that long?
Son of a gun! I’d better hurry, then, and work on this song.
I know I’m probably forcing it, but…hmm…that’s strange…
I’m actually finding it easier to come up with and arrange
My words into coherent thoughts as I put chalk to slate.
In fact, I’m rhyming like no one’s business now. How great!
Yeah, my rhymes may be campy, but they still flow with ease,
And I can rhyme with the best of them as easily as I please
And tell a decent story from beginning to end
And keep readers entertained around each straightaway and bend.
Speaking of endings, would you know it? Here we are now,
And to think that earlier, I was starting to have a cow
And forced myself to finish things, even when fighting off sleep,
Only to find out that doing so did nothing but keep
My creativity at bay to the point where writing this
Composition promised—nay, threatened—to prove a miss
Of an endeavor that, thankfully, hasn’t come
To pass under any circumstances. Thus, I’ve won
This round of the writing game, though I’ve no doubt
That an even more pressing challenge will soon come about.
Until then, though, I’ll celebrate this weekly victory
And prep myself for next time, when I’ll once again see
If I can battle sleep again and actually come out on top
Or succumb to it once more, even though it didn’t stop
Me from getting things done. If anything, in fact,
I actually freed my mind after that little nap
And managed to finish things, though the challenge remains
If I can pull off such a Herculean task again—
If I can sit back down with my notebook and write
Anything with a snoozy brain, even if it takes me all night.
I guess we’ll find out, then, but for the time being,
I’m taking one last look at this poem, and I like what I’m seeing.


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