Poem of the Week: It’s Just Not Worth It

It’s Just Not Worth It
October 19, 2014

Heaven forbid I
Have an opinion with which
You do not agree.
Heaven forbid I
Chance to think the opposite
Way you do on some
Topic or other
That ultimately shouldn’t
Make that much of a
Diff’rence in the grand
Scheme of things, for when I find
The will to open
My mouth and express
The way I feel ‘bout certain
Matters, here you come,
Raging like a bull
Stampeding through a china
Shop, cursing like a
Sailor and screaming
Like a banshee just because
I happen to not
Think like you when it
Comes to the issue at hand.
Honestly, what gives?!
That TV show you
Watch weekly that I can’t stand?
“Philistine!” you cry.
That one musician
Or band you listen to, yet
I just plain don’t like?
“Idiot!” you shout.
That one video game you
Love to play or that
Book you love to read,
Yet I despise with ev’ry
Bit of my being?
“Dumbass!” you call me.
I bet you, too, that even
If I were to sit
You down and tell you
In great detail the faults I
See in each of these
Things with as calm and
Cool a voice as anyone
On Earth can manage
And with carefully,
Delicately chosen words
Picked so as not to
Batter and bruise your
Strong yet tender feelings, you
Still would find the need
To tear me apart
Limb for limb verbally like
An ogre, calling
Me names, insulting
My family, and passing
Accusations ‘gainst
Me so personal
And foul that it’d almost be
Like we were never
Friends to begin with…
And all for what? Just ‘cause we
Don’t see eye to eye
On some minor thing
That most people would see as
A petty thing to
Bicker about and—
Even more importantly—
Sever our friendship
Over? Where’s the sense
In that? Is there supposed to
Be any? Because
I see none at all.
Really, now, why not agree
To disagree? Would
That not make more sense?
Wouldn’t that suit matters more
Easily than you
And me sparing day
And night with words that only
Sprout bitterness and
Resentment over
Time? I’d like to think it would.
So how ‘bout it, friend?
Care to set aside
Our diff’rences and carry
On getting along?
After all, there’s more
Than enough hatred going
On in this world as
We speak, from flame wars
On the Internet and shows
Of bigotry to
Full-scale vi’lence of
All kinds, local and global
Alike, and we can’t
Afford to have yet
More of such trash, ‘specially
Over what most folks
Would consider to
Be quite minor in the long
Run. That being said,
Enough is enough.
No more hostile debating.
It’s just not worth it.


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