Poem of the Week: Revision

August 21, 2014

Revision, revision, revision—that’s what it’s all about.
You’ve got to make sure it’s all perfect before you send it out.
Tedious and exhaustive, the task will bore you to tears
And is guaranteed to last for days, weeks, months, even years.
Miscaps here, misspellings there—such is how first drafts are:
Grammatical errors everywhere, marring your work like scars
While punctuation is here and there, but rarely in the right place
And sentence fragments and run-ons alike eave a nasty trace.
Worse yet, that’s all just mechanical—a challenge enough on its own.
Tending to the story itself, though, just might cut you to the bone,
Should your narrative be riddled with logic gaps out the butt;
Senseless elements randomly thrown in, leading you into a rut;
Weak character development producing characters so bland
That they kill readers’ interests in whatever situation’s at hand;
And a plot so copy-and-paste that we’ve all read it before,
Especially without the twists and turns to keep it from being a bore.
That’s just scratching the surface, too, of the problems you’ll come across,
But even with all that in mind, you shan’t be at a loss—
Not if you keep your eyes open, of course, and keep your nose
To the grindstone and your wits about you at all times. Then, who knows?
An otherwise laborious necessity will be easier to take
Into stride, and before you know it, much progress you will make
In mending error after error that you chance to spot
‘Til everything’s been corrected, and soon enough, all you’ve got
Is to polish everything up, and voila! Your work is done,
And you’ve earned for yourself the privilege of sending it off,
Hoping with all your heart and soul your recipients won’t scoff
At your steely perseverance and all of your hard work,
For those who break their backs for the business deserve all the perks.
Of course, there’s no chance in Hell for you to realize this vision
If you choose to neglect or fail to remember the need for revision.


Author Pages: Smashwords.com




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