Poem of the Week: After the Fall

Hello, readers!

For this week’s “Poem of the Week,” I’ve composed a good old-fashioned Shakespearean sonnet about a grown man who—even decades after having graduated middle school, high school, and college—still finds himself having to come to grips with all the bullying he’s had to endure from both school faculty and his fellow students. Without further ado, then, here’s After the Fall. Please enjoy!


After the Fall
July 26, 2014

Trying to move on, yet still can’t let go
From the visions of what I used to know.
Many years it’s been, yet it still hurts so.
Oh, what I’d give to fin’lly purge this woe!
All the teasing, the name-calling, the pranks—
All ‘cause I was not like any other.
Even now, life sucks, and I’ve “them” to thank
While I wonder how I might recover.
To think, too, that once, I was quite content
With all the gifts any kid could ask for,
Yet I look back now at how much I’ve spent
Living life like doing so was a chore.
Worse yet, I can’t go back to fix it all.
Such is how my life’s been after the fall.


Well, that’s that for this week. Thank you all again for stopping by and reading my stuff. Before I go, though, I just want to remind everyone that even though the topic of bullying has been pounded and pounded into the mainstream consciousness for a good number of years now, we must never forget that it’s up to everyone to keep bullies in check. After all, the bullying scene back when I was growing up was, for lack of a less hyperbolic term, an utter nightmare for kids my age to have to cope with, and I’ve had many a classmate who was a complete asshole towards others for no reason at all and would not let up picking on others until someone finally had the brains and the backbone to put the creep in his or her place. I’ve also known a good number of bullies, student and teacher alike, who’ve actually gotten away with pulling the stunts they have because the people in charge were too cowardly, ignorant, or otherwise neglectful to put a stop to their childish, demeaning behavior. Hopefully, the people in this latter group have finally either a) grown up and have remorse for their obnoxious and hurtful behavior or b) received their just desserts for their deeds. Likewise, here’s hoping that those of you out there who have ever been bullied yourselves, even if not necessarily in school, have been able to come to terms with the unfair treatment you’ve been handed and are happier and more productive on account of your successful healing processes.

All preaching aside, I encourage you as always to visit my author pages at Smashwords.comAmazon.com, and Amazon.co.uk and to check out any and all other poems I’ve written concerning bullying, including my most recent entry in the unofficial series, When Teachers Are the Bullies. Until then, folks, happy reading!

Dustin M. Weber


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