Poem of the Week: One Character

One Character
July 16, 2014

One character,
One template.
Template from an idea,
Template upon which to build—
Build a persona,
Build a life,
Life into existence,
Life into a whole new world—
World of adventure,
World of wonder.
Wonder whom else you’ll meet?
Wonder what will happen,
Happen to your character,
Happen in due time?
Time alone will tell.
Time for it all to unfold,
Unfold before your eyes,
Unfold within your mind,
Mind for adventure,
Mind for intrigue—
Intrigue of deceit,
Intrigue of villainy,
Villainy to unearth,
Villainy to thwart,
Thwart with wit,
Thwart with courage,
Courage under fire,
Courage against danger.
Danger around every corner,
Danger in the least likely places,
Places of monsters and mazes,
Places where treasure lies,
Lies deep within,
Lies out in the open—
Open for you to discover.
Open and see what’s inside,
Inside Pandora’s Box,
Inside which resides Hope—
Hope for something fresh,
Hope for something new:
New adventures,
New excitement,
Excitement for a new crowd,
Excitement for a new age,
Age of enlightenment,
Age of renewal for all—
All thanks to Step One,
All thanks to that first character…


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