Poem of the Week: Sunday Morning Blues

If You Can’t At Least Please Yourself
June 29, 2014

Another lazy Sunday morning, and here on the floor I lie,
Thinking of something I can do as time passes me by.
I’ve laughed at the funnies already and have caught up with the news,
But what else can I do to fend off the Sunday Morning Blues?
There’s not much on TV to watch, and the power’s out anyway,
And the storms haven’t even started! Now how’s that for starting my day?
Also, without electricity, I can’t edit my book,
Seeing as it’s all on my computer, so I’ll have to look
And see what I can do to get my brain working in gear
And make sure that my mind is sharp, so I’ll write this poem here.
What should it be about, though? What topic is there at hand
That I’ve yet to discuss with everyone in the air, at sea, and on land?
I’m still editing my latest book, but that’s no secret to discover.
I could write another morality poem and rip apart like no other
The idiots of society and how they’re ruining this world
And making things rough for every other man, woman, boy, and girl.
I could tell another story about how Person X
Had to handle a problem with which he or she felt vexed.
I could even write random gibberish with no meaning whatsoever
And weave it together in such a way that naïve folks would find it clever.
Sadly, none of that’s coming to mind, so this’ll have to do.
Hopefully, though, next Sunday, my mind will finally pull through,
And I’ll have inspiration enough to write an even better piece.
Then again, this is still something. I can say that, at least.


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