Poem of the Week: If You Can’t At Least Please Yourself

If You Can’t At Least Please Yourself
June 26, 2014

If you can’t at least please yourself,
You can’t please anybody else,
And you don’t deserve
To have your words
Placed on anybody’s shelf.

There’s always someone out there
Who’s bound to not like or care
What you have to say,
No matter which way
You present that which you share.

You can try to please everyone,
But that won’t get anything done,
Except for making mad
Any followers you’ve had,
And trust me—that’s not any fun,

For we all have different tastes,
And think of the time you’d waste
Aiming to please them all
Just to take a fall
And several rotten eggs to the face—

Especially when you’ve made a choice
Early on to take on a voice,
Only to change your tone
To one you’ll never own.
Don’t be shocked, then, if few rejoice.

Then again, why try to please
Those who think you’re just a disease?
How much merit have they
In appraising what you say
When they’d rather bring you to your knees?

Why appease such people at all?
Most only care to see you fall
By trying to force
You off your course
In being the best writer of all.

Trust me: Trying to fit a mold
For which you’re not meant to fold
Can become quite a chore
And a downright bore—
In other words, tiresome and old.

Just stick, then, with what you know,
But never be afraid to grow
In your special field
So that you may yield
Even better work than what you now know.

There’s nothing wrong with expanding
To suit the needs of the demanding,
So long as you’re smart
And stay true to your heart
And not forget where your plane’s landing.

‘Tis no choice ‘tween old and new,
But a matter of staying true,
And if you do just that,
Who know where you’ll be at,
So long as your words are all you?

In conclusion, be true to your heart,
For that’s precisely where to start
If you want your words
To be read and heard
And be known as a credit to your art.


Author Pages: Smashwords.com




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