Poem of the Week: Ring-a-Ling-a-Ling part 2: Rachel from Card Services

Ring-a-Ling-a-Ling part 2: Rachel from Card Services
June 18, 2014

Ring-a-ling-a-ling! Who next called me on the phone?
Well, to put it simply, I should’ve left it alone.
I was too dense, though, to check my caller ID at the time,
At least ‘til later, when I saw that the number was mine!
Still, I picked up the phone, not thinking for a sec,
And I’m sure you can guess just what happened next:
“Hi! This is Rachel from Card Services…”
Oh, really, now? I wondered. Is this who it is?
So I’m smashing the eight key oh so rapidly
To screw up the signal between “Rachel” and me,
Then slammed down the receiver and cursed my foul luck,
For who truly cares for these “Card Services” schmucks?
They’ve harassed Americans for one too many years
That even the FTC has had it up to here
And had made them Public Enemy Number One
Once upon a time for having their little fun
In conning innocents out of their credit card numbers
Over the phone, profiting heavily from their blunders,
And heaven knows exactly how many IDs
They’ve stolen that way and have done as they pleased,
Raking in thirty mil plus, as I’ve been told,
And yet, they’re still at it. Man, are they bold!
I’ve ignored them before, though, and they’ve gone away,
But now they’ve come back to ruin my day
And call me via my own number, of all things!
Then again, it’s probably some trick of which I sing.
Fact is, CS needs to go away forever,
And I hope someone undertakes such an endeavor
And has the means to forge the reality
Of Card Services finally falling to their knees,
Ensuring we’ll never hear from “Rachel” and crew again.
I feel it’ll happen, though I don’t know exactly when,
But I’ll keep my fingers crossed for that day to come
When someone finally sends those scammers on the run.
Good riddance, “Card Services!” You’re welcome’s come and gone,
You think you’re right in what you’re doing, but guess what:

You’re wrong!


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