Poem of the Week: How to Cope with Firestarters

How to Cope with Firestarters
June 12, 2014

Have you ever felt like you’re the only brain in the room?
Have you ever felt that humanity has fallen to its doom—
Getting all upset over the littlest of things,
Taking their frustrations out on any who’ll hear them sing,
Spewing their opinions with all the hatred in the world,
And generally acting like a bunch of little boys and girls?
Whatever happened to the days when folks behaved like adults,
When they agreed to disagree and calmly regarded the faults
Of that which they didn’t like without screaming like spoiled brats
And called that which they disliked a “disgrace” and this and that?
Ten years ago, this wasn’t as big of a problem, but nowadays,
It seems as though the majority get riled up in some way
And tend to scream and bitch and moan and whine and cry and complain
To the point where they drive not only themselves, but others, too, insane.
They’re petty and disrespectful, childish, obnoxious and vain,
Relying on emotion first as their sense of logic wanes
To the point where they’ve no leg to stand on in their frivolous fights.
Their sources are whack, their facts aren’t facts, yet they don’t give up their plights,
And they end up making even bigger schmucks of themselves than before,
And no thanks to their stupidity, there’s little hope left in store
For humanity to move forward into what’s left of time,
Which leaves me with only one piece of advice to leave behind:
Don’t be an idiot yourself and always stay on your toes,
For if you let your guard down once, these creeps will bring you woe.
Always keep your cool and act with maturity and grace
And think with your heart, head, and spine if you must put these fools in their place.


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