Poem of the Week: Advice from a Concerned Wrestling Fan

Global Force Wrestling: All I can say about it is this: Jeff Jarrett, please...DON'T BOTCH THIS ENDEAVOR OF YOURS!

Global Force Wrestling:
All I can say about it is this: Jeff Jarrett, please…DON’T BOTCH THIS ENDEAVOR OF YOURS!

Hello, readers!

Over the past several weeks, news has come out about a new wrestling federation that pro wrestling veteran Jeff Jarrett, founder of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, has been planning on putting together later this year or, failing that, by January 2015. Having been a fan of professional wrestling myself for so long, I have learned to have concern for each new promotion that chances to spring up along the pro wrestling landscape. After all, many is the wrestling company/show that has emerged only to be shut down on account of numerous flaws in management and production/promotion, from the likes of Wrestling Society X, Wrestlicious, and Jeff Katz’s Wrestling Retribution Project to the likes of the original Extreme Championship Wrestling, Canada’s WFX Wrestling, and even World Championship Wrestling. Likewise, with its decades-long history as the number one force in the pro wrestling industry, it isn’t very likely–if, in fact, likely at all–that WWE will ever enjoy the same level of competition it had during the “Monday Night War(s)” of the mid to late 1990s and early 2000s when WCW was giving it a run for its money. Therefore, while I am loathe to automatically blurt out such negative thoughts as “Oh, this is just gonna be another flop,” I still can’t help but feel skeptical about GFW’s success. This is especially true considering the flaws that Jarrett had made with his original venture, TNA, which many (though not all) wrestling fans have turned on since the beginning of this decade.

It is on account of these concerns of mine that I have decided to compose the following villanelle, which I have entitled Advice from a Concerned Wrestling Fan. Enjoy!


Advice from a Concerned Wrestling Fan
May 1, 2014

Learn from the mistakes you’ve made in the past.
You can’t afford to repeat history.
Be wise if you want your venture to last.

Don’t bother yourself with stars from years past.
Focus on fresh blood for your fans to see.
Learn from the mistakes you’ve made in the past.

Hungry young lions make for a strong cast
In this fierce, unforgiving industry.
Be wise if you want your venture to last.

Your hopes for success also will be smashed
Should you be the center of the story.
Learn from the mistakes you’ve made in the past.

Make things ‘bout your stars, and we’ll have a blast
Getting immersed in their intensity.
Be wise if you want your venture to last.

Once more piece of advice I’ve saved for last:
Never lose sight of what you aim to be.
Learn from the mistakes you’ve made in the past.
Be wise if you want your venture to last.


That should do it for this week. I’ll admit that other wrestling fans have shared their thoughts and feelings about GFW in a more thorough and inclusive manner than I have, but for right now, the above poem will do. Don’t get me wrong, either; I do want Global Force Wrestling to succeed. At the same time, however, if it starts to exhibit any of the issues that TNA has long shown and as such turns into the second coming of that promotion, then all my hope for it will be for naught.

At any rate, thank you all for stopping by, and feel free to visit my author pages at Smashwords.com, Amazon.com, and Amazon.co.uk for more about me and my current literary works. Likewise, be sure to keep an eye out for the latest news concerning my latest project, The Kingdom of Somnia, and until we meet again, folks, happy reading!

Dustin M. Weber

P.S.: Global Force Wrestling logo used (c) May 1, 2014 Heavy.com. The poem itself, however, is the author’s own.


6 thoughts on “Poem of the Week: Advice from a Concerned Wrestling Fan

  1. Hey there!

    Read from some other blog yesterday written by some dumb, condescending bitch named “Lilith Artenyan” that she’d read this poem the night before last and didn’t get the gist of it at all. She claimed that it was “interesting,” but also accused it of being “cheesy” and “pointless” and crap like that (No, “Lilith,” that’d be Wrestlicious.) just because she looked at the one tag that led her to this blog entry in the first place and couldn’t wrap her head around the notion concerning the buzz about GFW that’s been out for the past month or so. Then again, she didn’t even have the backbone to get your name or the title of your work here or even Global Force Wrestling’s name right, so hey, her argument doesn’t even have a leg to stand on. Also, the fact that she had to make a reference to your post here as the topic of her stupid little paragraph-long diss shows that her post was ten times more pointless than yours could ever be because if nothing else, at least you were informing us readers of yours about GFW and putting a creative spin on your thoughts and feelings about the promotion–something I doubt her ignorant hide could even dream of doing.

    I haven’t bothered looking at the rest of her blog, either, to see what else she’s about, but considering the little stunt she’d pulled yesterday, what’s the point? “Don’t feed the trolls,” after all. 😉

    Anyway, take care, and don’t let the losers get you down!

    • Wow, seriously? I take it this Lilith chick didn’t even bother to check out the rest of the blog before shooting her mouth off. I’m sorry, but it takes more than just one post for someone to determine the worth of the entire site–just like you can’t judge a book by its cover, as per the old saying, or even an entire magazine by just one article.

      Such a shallow woman…

      • Attention whores like the chick you’re talking about are pathetic. I’d just ignore her, then, if she’s going to pull such childish crap. Such people are never worth anyone else’s time.

      • Actually, she was just criticizing this poem rather than this entire site. I have to agree with you, though; she should have read this thing more carefully before she decided to spout anything off.

        You know what, though? Screw her! I like this poem, and I hope that Jeff Jarrett is taking serious precautions similar to the ones this guy’s suggesting right here. After all, TNA is utter crap right now (has been since Hogan and Bischoff came in, screwed everything up, and left them high and dry), and even though WWE is slowly but surely getting better, they could still do with some competition–not that GFW will be able to compete with them right away, but I’d still love to see them run TNA out of business and give ROH and the like a reason to pull a few strings here and there with their own products.

      • Hey, as far as I’m concerned, six other bloggers had the backbone to hit the “Like” button and show their support for this guy, who at least has something this “Lilith” bitch apparently doesn’t: TALENT! “Lilith,” on the other hand, simply sniped this guy from the safety of her own blog–not ONCE having the spine to criticize him directly–and didn’t even bother to include his name or the title of his poem, more likely than not for fear that he might actually gain more [positive] attention as a result of her opinion-spewing.

        Personally, if I were in this guy’s shoes, I’d just ignore her until the next time she had the gall to make fun of my work. Hopefully she won’t, but if she does, she deserves all the backlash she may very well receive. Until then, “Lilith” (in case you’re reading this, which I doubt), screw you. Go to Hell, get over yourself, and stay off your high horse from now on, lest you want to make a bigger ass of yourself than you already have.

    • “Lilith Artenyan” is a spineless, clueless, low-class, pseudo-highbrow attention whore and glorified cyberbully who thinks that cheap, underhanded gossip about items and topics that she doesn’t understand are what will get her over on the Internet as a mind worth paying attention to when the reality is that she’ll only expose herself for the shallow, mindless piece of trash she really is. Consider her nothing more than a lower-profile incarnation of Nancy Grace, for that’s all she is and all she’ll ever be.

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