Poem of the Week: Should’ve Had It by Now

Hello, readers!

The following “Poem of the Week” is hereby dedicated to every writer out there who is–or, worse yet, has been–struggling to become a major player in the literary industry. Without further ado, here’s Should’ve Had It by Now. Please enjoy!


Should’ve Had It by Now
April 19, 2014

For years now, I’ve been working—
Rarely, if ever, shirking—
To earn myself a place
And make myself a face
And be the best I can be
In the writing industry
And show the world what I’ve got,
Yet too often, I’ve blown my shot
And have returned to square one,
And no, it hasn’t been fun
Having people turn me away
Day after day after day
For whatever reason they may have,
Leaving me to wonder how bad
My work actually is
And why I’m still not in the biz.
Are my characters too loud and proud?
Am I aiming for the wrong crowd?
Is my setting too dark and bleak?
Do I say too much when I speak?
Is my plot too dull and trite?
Seriously, why’s my work not right?
There’s got to be some hitch
To why I’m still in this ditch.
As such, I’m now going alone,
Trying to figure out on my own
Exactly what I’m doing wrong
Any why I can’t have my song
Reach the public’s collective mind
And leave all this drama behind,
All in hopes that one day,
Good fortune will come my way
And I’ll finally land my spot,
No longer cursed to rot
In anonymous shame
With nary a buck to my name,
But finally a star
With the promise to go far,
Making countless people smile
And cold hard cash all the while.
Such is my greatest dream,
Though sadly, it makes me scream
At how many chances I’ve had
To prove I’m not just a cad—
That I have my place, too,
And if I can just pull through,
I can prove finally
That there is a place for me.
Until that day comes, however,
I must keep up with my endeavor,
Even if it means more trials
And tribulations all the while,
And as I keep working, who knows?
Maybe I’ll continue to grow
And show more talent than before.
Then, when Fate knocks on my door,
I’ll be even more ready for
The fortune I may have in store.
Regardless, one thing’s for certain:
One more false step, and it’s curtains,
And I may never see the day
That my dream’ll come true. Oy, vey!
Thus, I must wisely work
And not chance again to shirk
Any opportunity
To forever live happily
Doing what I love most.
Alas, though, I can’t now boast
Such luck, for as things stand,
My goal is not yet at hand,
And really, folks, just…wow…
I should’ve had it by now.


That should do it for this week. Thank you all for stopping by, and please come back this coming Friday for one more poem celebrating my two-year anniversary here on WordPress.com. In the meantime, feel free to visit my author pages at Smashwords.com, Amazon.com, and Amazon.co.uk for more about me and my current literary works, and be sure to also keep on the lookout for the latest news concerning my latest project, The Kingdom of Somnia. Aside from that, everyone, thanks again for your time, and as always, happy reading!

Dustin M. Weber


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