Bonus Poem of the Week: Whatever Happened to Comedy?

Hello, readers!

The following poem is hereby dedicated to a topic that has been bugging me for a long time—so long, in fact, that I can’t even tell the year when I first noticed the problem I wish to discuss. At any rate, if there’s any chance any of you agree with the point of view I’m expressing here and would like to voice your opinion as well on the matter, feel free to leave a response in the comments section below or even make a response article on your own blog concerning the matter. Maybe you see something that I’ve neglected to mention. Counterarguments are are welcome, too, from those of you who see the other side of the story. Either way, here’s my latest composition, Whatever Happened to Comedy? Please enjoy!


Whatever Happened to Comedy?
April 15, 2014

Remember back in the old days after a long, hard week
Having a drink and turning on your TV as you took a seat
To watch comedic masters ply their trade before your eyes
And make you laugh at their words and deeds ‘til they hurt your sides?

Even when things were cheesy, they were nonetheless fun,
And come Hell or high water, they sent folks’ troubles on the run.
Such was when things were simpler and humor was light-hearted,
And though I hate to say it, those days have long since departed.

For far too long, after all, there’s been an unsettling trend,
And sadly, at the rate things have been going, there seems to be no end
To the deluge of lewdness we’ve had thrown in our collective face,
And it sickens me to see how much comedy has been disgraced.

Gone are the wit and wisdom we’ve experienced in years past,
For all too often, it’s been the cheap gags out of which folks get a blast.
Gone is the clever wordplay that people used to enjoy,
And in its place, many a blatant F- and S-bomb has been deployed.

Gone are the sight gags that were actually cannily executed—
The outfits and gestures for which comedy was once reputed.
Now it’s all about mock violence and gore, vomit, poo-poo, and pee-pee—
Not to mention the obtrusive “shock” of random nudity.

Gone are the quiet reflections on the world that were sharp and wry,
And in their place are screaming blabbermouths who don’t even try.
Apparently, all one needs to do is scream like a rabid baboon
In a “crazy” voice in order to get today’s comedy fans to swoon.

Don’t get me started, either, on the many real-life tragedies
That some comics have exploited and made fun of as they pleased
With no regard for the construction of the jokes they’d chosen to tell
Or the likelihood of protesters rightfully damning them to Hell.

So little is shrewd or inventive; the rest is downright juvenile,
And it makes me wonder how any of this trash can make one smile.
Worse yet, it’s been like this for years. How many, I can but guess,
But I’ll tell you this, everybody: I miss the comedy I knew best.

The effort is gone from comedy these days, and it makes me mad.
It’s all randomness, idiocy, and shock value now, and that’s sad,
For this kind of comedy ages quickly, and never like wine, but like cheese,
And if something doesn’t happen soon, the genre will be brought to its knees.

It’s up to tomorrow’s comics, then, to take matters in their hands
And return comedy to what it once was, for now is its final stand,
And only wit and ingenuity will help turn the tide
Before the comedy we all once knew finally up and dies.

There’s no need to stretch the boundaries of good taste, for that’s one reason
Why simple and more universal humor’s no longer in season.
We’ve too much raunch as matters stand—too much schlock as a whole.
Thus, cleverness is the key to helping this genre crawl out of its hole.

Only time will tell, however, if such a change of pace
Will take place or if comedy will forever be disgraced.
Do tomorrow’s comics thus have what it takes to stand and face
This downfall of comedy and finally put it in its place?


That should do it for today. Thank you all for stopping by, and again, please don’t hesitate in expressing your concerns and feeling regarding what passes for comedy today. Am I seeing things in the right light? Am I missing out on something? Don’t be afraid to let me know either way. Also, be sure to visit my author pages at,, and for more about me and my current literary works when you have the chance. Be sure to keep on the lookout, too, for the latest news concerning my latest project,The Kingdom of Somnia. In the meantime, everyone, as always, happy reading!

Dustin M. Weber


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