Poem of the Week: The Road to Xanadu

The Road to Xanadu
March 23, 2014

We all hope for that special place
Where all our fears can be erased
And we can all learn to bravely face
That which lies ahead of us—

A place where all is sunny and bright
And every wrong is settled with a right
And there’s no need to bicker and fight,
For violence is not a must,

A place where people like you and me
Can be whatever we want to be,
Do what we want to do, see what we want to see,
And no one is worse for the wear.

Sadly, such places are often far
And can’t necessarily be reached by car
Or even by rockets shot up to the stars,
For life isn’t always fair.

‘Tis more than distance; ‘tis a state of mind
Brought upon us by our daily grind
And the stress we all yearn to leave behind
That not everyone can shake,

So it’s up to oneself to do what one can
To adhere well to one’s master plan,
If ever one wishes to reach such a land
And do whatever it takes

To stay on good terms with the Powers Above
And maintain Their respect and love
In hope that the place one’s thinking of
Comes closer within reach.

Step by step and day by day
With obstacles aplenty along the way
Through trials and tribs, the price we pay—
Such a road is no peach.

Rather, it’s guaranteed to be long
And treacherous, but one must stay strong
And heed the message of this song
If one seeks Xanadu,

For only then will one discover
The peace of mind one longs to uncover,
That special place that’s like no other
For folks like me and you.


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