Poem of the Week: A Random Blitz Poem to Help Raise My Morale

A Random Blitz Poem to Help Raise My Morale
February 24, 2014

Shut up!
Shut down.
Down with the arrogance.
Down with the ignorance.
Ignorance shows lack of thought.
Ignorance shows lack of knowledge.
Knowledge is undervalued.
Knowledge is power—
Power to influence,
Power to change,
Change things for the better,
Change things for everyone.
Everyone needs change.
Everyone goes through change.
Change isn’t always evil.
Change can sometimes be good—
Good for keeping things steady,
Good for keeping things fresh,
Fresh for each new generation,
Fresh for those who’ve been ‘round,
‘Round the bend,
‘Round the block.
Block out the obnoxious naysaying.
Block out your own self-doubt.
Doubt not in yourself.
Doubt not in your talents—
Talents that will help see you through,
Talents that will get you noticed,
Noticed by the bored,
Noticed by the frustrated,
Frustrated by the current status quo
Frustrated with the way things are.
Are sunnier skies ahead?
Are things going to look bright once more?
More on that later, sadly,
More when things become clearer—
Clearer on where we’re headed,
Clearer on what will happen,
Happen to us,
Happen to society.
Society needs to change.
Society needs to evolve,
Evolve into something richer,
Evolve into something bigger,
Bigger and better,
Bigger and brighter,
Brighter than any star in the sky,
Brighter as we keep pushing ourselves to the limit.


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