Poem of the Week: Snow, Snow, Snow

Snow, Snow, Snow
February 22, 2014

Snow, snow, snow…why don’t you just go?
These past few months, you’ve brought me naught but woe
As I’ve marched through you to and fro
Upon chasing my dogs through you so.

Deep like a river, you come up to my knees,
And even with my lungs, I start to wheeze.
I’m quite surprised, too, that I’ve yet to freeze
As my doggone dogs race as they please

O’er mounds of you, all covered with ice,
Frozen so solid that you make nice
Little platforms, making me pay the price
As my dogs jump the fence and cross your ice

To the neighbor’s fence to meet her mutts,
Yelping and screaming, each a rowdy putz.
Meanwhile, I’m slipping and sinking like a klutz
To keep up with my maniacal mutts!

Oh, how I yearn, then, for it to be spring—
To see the trees bloom and hear the birds sing,
For by then, you’ll at long last feel the sting
Of the sun as it melts you into a spring,

Reducing you to naught but a memory—
A watery mess of what you’d used to be.
Only then will I truly be free
From you until the next trimesters three,

Where the cycle will surely start again,
And I’ll be yearning for way back when—
Just like I am now, but until then,
Thanks for naught but spoiling my moment of Zen.


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