Poem of the Week: Breaking Point

Happy Valentine’s Day, readers!

For those of you looking for a love poem this week to celebrate the upcoming holiday, my apologies, for this week, I have something else on hand: a Roundabout poem about a certain time in our lives that we all experienced when we feel our backs are up against the wall and we just can’t take it anymore. No matter who or what it is that’s pushing us to the brink, we all owe it to ourselves to stay strong and not submit when we reach our Breaking Point. That being said, please enjoy the following poem.


Breaking Point
February 8, 2014

Each of us has a breaking point
Where we just can’t take anymore—
Where we throw up our hands
And take a stand
Against those who make life a chore.

Elitists, con artists, and thugs galore—
So many scumbags we can’t stand
Who’ll make us throw fits,
Lest we keep our wits,
Which are always in demand,

And when that one moment comes close at hand
When we’re standing at the edge of the pit,
Will we skip the whole joint
Or end up smoking joints
From the fall when our heads get split?

We can’t let our sanity drip through our mitts.
‘Tis crucial that we stay on point,
Else there shall be more
Problems in store,
Should we succumb at our breaking point.

"I will NOT! BE! OUT! SHINED!" --WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler from January 31, 2014 (WWE Smackdown)

“I will NOT! BE! OUT! SHINED!”
–WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler on WWE Smackdown,  January 31, 2014


And so closes another “Poem of the Week.” Thank you all for stopping by and catching up with me this week, and before I close off, I’d like to read your feedback on my poetry. Any input on the following would be much appreciated.

  1. What other kind of topics would you like to see me cover in my poetry?
  2. Are there any specific types of poetry you’d like to see on this blog that I haven’t already presented (Katauta, Tanka, Monorhyme, etc.)?
  3. Do my usual introductions to each poem add anything to the poetry I present, or would you rather I just get rid of them altogether and just let you all enjoy the poems themselves?

If you have an answer to any of the above three questions or if you just have any feedback for my poetry in general, please don’t hesitate to leave it in a comment below. Otherwise, thanks again for your time, and happy reading!

Dustin M. Weber


Author Pages: Smashwords.com



PS: All credit for the photograph used in this blog entry go to the following source:

Dolph Ziggler WWE Smackdown January 31, 2014: WWE Dolph Ziggler Delivers A Massive Pipebomb/Rant On WWE APP by paul54734

The poem itself, however, is my own.


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