Song of the Week: On My Own

On My Own
by Dustin M. Weber
November 23, 2004

Verse A
I’ve been wondering day by day
Just why on Earth it had to be this way.
It simply hurts for me to know
The time had come for you to leave me and for me to let you go.
I’ll still remember all the times we’ve shared
And how when I needed you, you were always there,
And despite the fact that we are now apart,
A piece of you lives on in my heart…(Now that I’m…)

Chorus A
On my own…
I’ve got no choice but to try and carry on.
That’s alright,
‘Cause I’ve got what it takes to make it through the night.
I’m gonna prove to the world I don’t need my hand held,
That I can rely on myself and live my life well,
No matter where I roam…

Verse B
I’ll remember how you cared
And the feeling of your fingers running through my hair.
I’ll remember the fire in your eyes
And how nice it felt to hold you in my arms when you cried.
It’s such a pity that now those days are gone.
Still I know, by hook or by crook, I’ll be strong,
And your memory will forever be my inspiration,
For I’ll never live in isolation…(Even though I’m…)

Chorus B
On my own…
No matter where I go, I’ll never feel at home.
That’s okay,
‘Cause no matter what happens, I’ll pull through anyway.
I’ll get over my pain, be a part of history,
And make out my life the way I want it to be.
Just like a Rolling Stone…
I’m on my own.

Now that I’ve been in love, I finally know why
It hurts so much for lovers to say goodbye,
But don’t worry ‘bout me, ‘cause as you can see from my eyes,
I’ll find a way to survive…(Now that I’m…)

Repeat Chorus A, then Chorus B until fade-out.


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