Poem of the Week: Tribute for an Unpopular Production

Hello, readers!

For today’s “Poem of the Week,” I’d like to play a little guessing game. Obviously, you can see the title of this poem for yourselves—Tribute for an Unpopular Production. The question, however, is this: Which “production” am I talking about? If you’d like a few hints, here you go:

1. This television show lasted only one season back in the 2000s, much to the relief of those who bashed it.
2. This TV show is of the same genre of entertainment media that I’d talked about in my most recent article for my “In My Relation to my Work” segment.
3. While this show was a shell of what it could have been at the time, I honestly believe it could have very well been awesome if the producers had only taken it in a different direction and the network airing it had only backed off and let them do just that.

I look forward to reading your answers in the response section below, and who knows? I might bring this same show up in a future article. I can’t make any promises at the moment, though, but for the time being, feel free to enjoy the poem all the same.


Tribute for an Unpopular Production
January 15, 2014

Thank you for the memories, even though
You tried too hard to please the wrong people.
Thank you for trying to be a fun show
In spite of those who dared call you fecal.
Thank you for the action and all the laughs
And daring to be diff’rent in the face
Of those who each had his head up his ass,
Who had the gall to call you a “disgrace.”
Yes, you had your flaws; better you could be,
But hey, even the top dogs have their faults,
And e’en at your worst, you’d entertained me,
And I could take you with a grain of salt.
Rest in peace, and maybe in the next life,
The suits won’t feed you so much petty strife.


That should do it for this week, folks. Thank you for stopping by this week, and again, feel free to play along with the guessing game I’ve set up for you. Until next time, then, happy reading!

Dustin M. Weber


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5 thoughts on “Poem of the Week: Tribute for an Unpopular Production

  1. Well, it obviously ain’t Wrestlicious. You’ve claimed time and again to hate that smutfest and have given your reasons at least twice over. LOL

    • Trust me, Wrestlicious was nothing more than a mouthful of broken teeth on the face of women’s wrestling that NEVER should have existed. Good riddance to that joke of a promotion for turning some of the most accomplished female wrestlers of the time into the prostitutes of pro wrestling! I hope good ol’ “Johnny C” NEVER shows his ugly, talentless face in the pro wrestling industry again. The man is a disgrace to the business, and his sidekick Steve Blance is even worse as a wrestling booker than Vince Russo ever was. Honestly the guy had the gall to call himself a “creative force” for GLOW and WOW when all he did was recycle old GLOW gimmicks and rip off characters he’d seen on TV that were no longer relevant by the time WOW hit the airwaves in the September of 2000.

      • I don’t blame you for hating Wrestlicious as much as you do, but if you absolutely despise Steve Blance as a booker, then chances are, you probably won’t want to watch Femme D’Action, seeing as Blance is credited as being the head writer for that show. Just a warning.

        Aside from that, I assure you both that this poem is certainly NOT about Wrestlicious. Rather, it’s about a show that is about as equally hated, but (in my opinion, of course) nowhere NEAR as bad, despite its own faults. Any guesses? Keep posting below to see if you’re right.

  2. Ooh, ooh, ohh! I got this one…Wrestling Society X! Yeah, that show was underrated as all else…stupid, sure, but in a fun way. I’ve been missing that show since it went off the air back in ’07. To Hell with the bashers! They’ve been focusing way too much on the negative since Day One, and it’s their own fault that they couldn’t see WSX for what it truly was: a goofy yet nevertheless entertainingly tongue-in-cheek wrestling show that, despite being seven years to late, could have very well lasted up to today, had the corporate big wigs at MTV only handled it better and didn’t make Big Vision Entertainment custom fit it for the same braindead audience they’ve been marketing their garbage to for so long.

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