Bonus Poem of the Week: The Self-Absorption Blues

Hello, readers!

I know that we’re only one week into 2014 and that I should try to keep up a positive outlook on how things are going for us all, but there’s been something that’s been brought to my attention in recent days that I just can’t ignore. Therefore, I hope everyone’s ready for yet another social commentary from me in poetry format. Without further ado, then, here’s this week’s “Bonus Poem of the Week,” The Self-Absorption Blues.


The Self-Absorption Blues
January 7, 2014

Society has gone to pits, and it really riles me up.
No matter where you go or what you do, it’s the same stuff.
People are so rude these days, and it makes me bloody sick.
They feel no need for manners, and it truly makes me tick.

God forbid, for instance, they bother to give you the time of day.
Just try to engage them in chitchat; they’ll tell you, “Go away!”—
Unless they want something from you; then they’re all nicey-nice,
And then they take and refuse to give, making you pay the price,
And yet, when you ask something of them—even if it’s their job—
They turn their noses up at you like you’re the worthless slob.
“Good riddance!” they’ll say, as well as “Bugger off!” and “Best of luck!”—
Unless there’s something in it for them; then you’re a new kind of schmuck—
A schmuck they’ll gladly prey upon as I’ve described before,
So I needn’t describe those creeps again…but wait, folks! There’s more!

Suppose you say or do something for all to hear or see,
And someone hears or sees you and chances to disagree.
How often is it, I ask you, that they’ll do so civilly—
No belligerence or condescension but nonetheless honestly?
Not very likely, I’ll bet you, for nowadays, people’s skin
Has grown a wrong kind of soft: Disturbingly sensitive and thin,
And one simple word or image that they take the wrong way
Can set them off to the point where they in turn ruin your day
By making bogus assumptions and screaming obscenities
And calling you all sorts of names in any fashion they please—
Usually from behind the safety of a computer screen,
Miles away from where you are, where they can afford to be mean
Without ever having to face you. Ain’t that putrid pile?
Heaven forbid they’ve the courage to spew such bloody bile
To your face, but then again, they’re only as smart as they’re brave
For not approaching things rationally within their tiny caves
And instead lashing out at you like petty, obnoxious brats.
And yet, there’s still one more type of person ‘bout whom I must rap.

What about the ones who attack you for no reason at all—
Who, just ‘cause you’re not them, want to see you fall
And crumble ‘til there’s nothing left of you but rubble and ash
All for their own amusement? Ain’t that a mound of trash?
You’d think that in a world where self-absorption reigns supreme,
People’d learn to put themselves in others’ shoes and not demean
Others for entertainment. Sadly, that’s not the case,
And such is another reason why we’re now in such a bad place,
And don’t feed me, “Aw, lighten up! They’re just razzing the others.
Stop taking it so seriously and give it a rest, brother.”
How can it be mere “razzing” when the people refuse to stop
And fail to see that their teasing is going over the top?
How can it be razzing when the teasers get such pleasure
Making their targets legitimately upset at every measure?
Also, how fair is it for witnesses to just stand by
And not do a bloody thing to help out the other guy
Or, worse yet, heighten the drama with words of their own
That further demean the victim and cut him or her to the bone?
Have they no respect for people shoved in such a place?
Haven’t they wisdom to know how to deal with such a disgrace?
Apparently not, which is why bullying is such a big deal
In this age and why articles dealing with it have so much appeal.

To think, too, if people only knew to treat others with respect
And dignity in the first place, this world would be thriving yet,
And we wouldn’t be begging for a new Golden Age to see us through,
For there’d already be the next best thing existing for me and you,
But no, people are heartless heels who clearly don’t give a rip.
They’re all wrapped up in their little world, going on an ego trip,
Thinking they can treat complete strangers any way they please,
Not caring at all if their words bring the poor souls to their knees.
They’re callous and obnoxious and petty to the Nth degree,
And I don’t know exactly when it started or if we’ll ever see
The day when people are civilized and cordial to one another,
Nor do I know for a fact what exactly caused all this, brother,
But I can always hope that people will one day come to see
That being rude and dismissive does nothing for society
Except further contribute to its ongoing ruination
In every city and province and, in turn, every nation.

However, I can only speak against this degeneration
And hope others will move on from their foul machinations
While I try to practice what I preach and not be a blackguard myself,
But the bottom line is, people, this world really needs help.
Enough of the superciliousness and treating others like trash,
Enough of the hostility and burning people to ash,
Enough of the “harmless teasing” that’s gotten out of control,
Enough of the rudeness in general; it all has taken its toll.
After all, look at what world society has become:
We’ve spent so much time treating each other like pools of scum
That only those who are scum themselves have risen to the top
And have been dictating things for us ever since, and it needs to stop.
No more drama and suffering, no more strife and pain.
We’ve faired that for long enough now and have had no treasure to gain.
If we’re all to move forward, let’s all watch our Ps and Qs
And stop giving one another the Self-Absorption Blues.


And there you go—my little rant of the week on what’s wrong with people these days. Sadly, this trend has been going on for years—if not, in fact, decades—and isn’t going to change any time soon unless we all learn to stop demeaning each other and start treating each other with dignity and respect, as I’ve said in this poem above. That goes for everyone, no matter one’s race, ethnicity, gender, age, industry, et cetera. It’s just time to wake up now, people, and to stop treating each other like the worthless scumbags…unless the people in question are worthless scumbags, but that’s a whole different topic that we can delve into at a later date, should anyone care to read about it.

In the meantime, folks, thank you all for stopping by my blog and reading what I have to say this time around, and I promise you that this coming Sunday’s “Poem of the Week” will be a little more light-hearted than this one has been. Until then, everyone, wish me well in seeking official publication for Dream Roamers: Tyler’s Journey, and as always, happy reading!

Dustin M. Weber


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