Poem of the Week: Wells of Inspiration

Wells of Inspiration
December 3, 2013

Going to the well for a story to tell,
Hoping for something new,
But the hope’s in vain, for though it’s a pain,
It’s all the same old stew

That you’re fishing from, making you feel dumb
In thinking something else other
Than the same old thing is patiently waiting
At the very bottom, brother.

I suppose you can keep on fishing deep
Into that same old well
And keep pulling up the same old stuff
With nothing fresh to expel

From your mind to a screen, if you know what I mean,
But keep in mind just how stale
The water is, bro, the deeper you go
And how much more rancid your pail.

Soon enough, then, you’ll have had it, friend,
With such mediocrity,
And you’ll find a new source from which you
Can draw inspiration freely,

And I dare you to guess at just how fresh
And invigorating it’d be,
And there’d be plenty for ten or twenty
Years down the road for thee

To draw it on forth for tales of any sort
To share with any who’ll hear,
And from but one drop, followers will flock,
New and old, from far and near.

However, take care and be aware
That even that well shan’t last,
And you’ll soon end up with pails of stale stuff,
Making you move on fast

To the next well you find, then it’s back to the grind
Of spinning new yarns for folks.
That’s just how it goes, and it’s for you to know
To avoid feeding your fans treacle.

That’s my advice to you. Now you know what to do
When ideas are not quite at hand.
Just keep moving along with each new song
You introduce to all the land,

For when you’re hard-wired on producing tired
Old material, folks walk away,
So never think it wrong to change up your song
To stay in the light of day.


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