Poems of the Week: The Friendship of Frick & Frack and The Three D’s of Self-Destruction

Greetings, readers!

As promised last week, here are two poems from my latest novel, Dream Weavers. Both take place during poetry duels that young Tyler Booth, the story’s protagonist, finds himself partaking in against the henchmen of the Queen of Clubs, a troll matriarch who plans to usurp control over the Kingdom from its current ruler, Princess Janice. The first poem, The Friendship of Frick & Frack, details the friendship of two trolls whom Tyler crosses paths with early on in his quest while this week’s second feature, The Three D’s of Self-Destruction, is narrated by three separate trolls whom Tyler bumps into while trekking through the Forest of Uncertainty later on in his journey. All that being said, then, feel free to leave a comment to either of these two works, and enjoy!


The Friendship of Frick & Frack
October 2, 2013

He is Frick, I am Frack, and we always watch each other’s backs,
For no one else tends to our needs, ‘cause other people’s petty greed
Blinds them to our race’s plight in emerging from the blight
Of Somnia’s swamps, once rich with life, now long abandoned after years of strife.
Such is the way things have long been, and it’s because of this mess we’re in
That we’ve learned to take care of each other. After all, we’re practically brothers,
And I know that whenever I’m in some sort of beastly bind,
I can always turn to him to help me out of it upon a whim,
And I would certainly do the same, for as you see, in this world so untame
And rife with danger at every turn—not to mention drama—I’ve come to learn
That life can be both lonely and rough without someone to help you tough
Everything out and come out on top, and that’s why our friendship will never stop.


The Three D’s of Self-Destruction
October 3, 2013

Dread, Desolation, and Despair—here we are, three siblings fair.
The Forest of Uncertainty serves as the home of all us three.
‘Tis here where we run, hide, and play, pestering travelers night and day,
Making them face their darkest fears, all the while grinning from ear to ear.

I am Dread, and I strike first, and under their breath, my victims curse,
For when they venture through places unknown, they know all too well that that’s where I roam.
I’m the first to sink into their hearts, and from there, their self-doubt starts,
And once it’s gone, they lose the nerve to take on tasks that would better serve
Their character and value in the long run, for it’s the unknown that they shun,
Though if there’s a chance they don’t flee, that’s when Despair kindly covers for me.

Hey, everybody! I’m Despair, and I cause hopelessness without care.
Anytime Dread deals the first blow to some unsuspecting shmo,
I jump right in and take away his or her heart and leave at bay
The fool to drown in futility and defeat at the hands of me.
Paranoia’s all they have left, for of their courage they’re left bereft,
And soon their lives crumble, bit by bit, and I can’t help but find joy in it.

And now we come to me, everyone. I’m Desolation, and I’m loads of fun—
At least I think so; you might disagree, especially if you fall prey to me
After Dread and Despair get you down and leave you with nothing but a frown
On your face and fear in your hearts, for that’s exactly where my pain starts—
The feeling that you’re left all alone with no friends or family waiting at home
To comfort you in your time of need. Such is the product of my mental seed.

Dread, Despair, and Desolation—partners in emotional desecration,
Knaves all three, or so critics say, for if you don’t overcome us, you’ll pay,
And you’ll have none to blame but yourself for not conquering us, you mangy whelp,
Which leaves one question. Answer, please: Are you ready to fall down to your knees?


Well, that should do it for this week. Thank you all for stopping by, and if there is anyone who is interested in further discussion about my latest project, please be my guest to leave a comment below. Also, be sure to visit my author pages at Smashwords.com,
Amazon.com, and Amazon.co.uk for some early holiday shopping, and as always, happy reading!

Dustin M. Weber


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