Poem of the Week: Mr. Glitch

Greetings, readers!

Remember last week when I posted a poem on this blog talking about how inspiration comes from the darnedest places? Well, this week’s “Poem of the Week” just so happens to represent that notion to a T in that I’d composed it in reaction to a glitch that had hit WordPress.com this past Wednesday where many of my fellow WordPress bloggers and I had temporarily lost a ton of—if not, in fact, all—our subscribers. Thankfully, the glitch has been fixed, but even with that in mind, I hope the moral of this poem applies to certain other instances in life where the unexpected takes place and things take a turn for the worse. Note, too, that this poem’s message and the date on which I’d written it are purely coincidental and have no intentional connection at all to anything of a historical or political nature. That in mind, then, I apologize in advance if this poem suggests otherwise. Either way, without further ado, then, here’s Mr. Glitch. Please enjoy!


Mr. Glitch
September 11, 2013

Logged in one day to check my stats
And see exactly where I was at
In terms of followers and hits.
I looked at my numbers, and holy…crap!
All but two subs of mine were gone,
And I wondered to myself, “What’s going on?
Whatever did I say? Whatever did I do
To lose all my regular readers but two?
I’ve tried to keep my material clean,
And even when negative, I was never mean.
What was it that I’ve posted recently
To make my chief audience leave me?”
Next thing I know, I hit the boards,
Hoping administration would know more
About this problem, and lo and behold,
I wasn’t the only one left out in the cold.
In fact, I was one of the ones better off,
And comparing myself to the others, I scoffed
At my own misfortune, for many were there
Who’ve treated their own blogs with care,
Only to lose everyone who’d subscribed
To their weblogs as if they’d all imbibed
Water from the same contaminated tank,
Got together, and decided to “thank”
The bloggers for their entertaining reads
By unsubscribing from their feeds.
Man! What a drag! If only we all knew
What was behind this or what to do
In order to gain all our readers back
And help get pour blogs back on track.
To be honest, the one thing I know
About recouping after this fell show
Of technology acting up is to
Carry on with whatever we do
And continue to thrive and create
That which our fans appreciate,
Whether that’d be sharing recipes,
News bits, poetry, or short stories
Or sharing thoughts and feelings on
Favorite memories or present goings-on.
Whatever it is that is our forte,
We keep doing it, for this is no mort.
Ragnarok has yet to come, my friends,
So harken when I say this isn’t the end,
Lest we allow it so, and guess what:
I’m in favor of anything but.
Quitters never win, and winners never quit,
So don’t even try to feed me that bit,
For if you do, I’ll spit it back out,
‘Cause busting my back is what I’m about.
I’m the guy who meets adversity head-on,
And no matter the matter, I carry on.
In short, then, Mr. Glitch, you’ve failed
In ceasing my search for the Holy Grail,
And this poem right here is but the start
Of my continuing perfection of my art,
And I’ll only create more works for my fans,
Both current and future ‘cross multiple lands.
There’ll be others, too, who’ll do the same
And further their own goals in their name.
They shan’t give up, either; they’ve come too far
To earn what they’ve gained beneath Heaven’s stars,
And they’ll be moving on just like I shall,
So sorry, but you’re plain out of luck, pal.
It’ll take more than just one mishap
To render us helpless, to make us feel trapped.
So excuse me, folks, as I’ve much to do
In terms of creating more stuff for you,
And as for our friend, Mr. Glitch, let him come
Again…so he can kiss my bum.


Well, that should do it for this week. Thank you all for stopping by, and remember this: Whenever something should happen in your life that puts you in a position where you’d rather not be, always be sure to take a deep breath, screw your heels in, find out what you can do to make the most out of your present predicament, and keep plugging along. Remember that only you can hold yourself back in life and that the worst thing you can ever do for yourself is to let something undesirable prevent you from making the most out of whatever time you have on this earth. That said, then, everyone, have a good day, and happy reading!

Dustin M. Weber


2 thoughts on “Poem of the Week: Mr. Glitch

    • I appreciate your feedback, and don’t worry–I definitely have more poems in store for the near future. Feel free to come on back this coming Sunday for my next “Poem of the Week,” for instance.

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