Bonus Poem of the Week: The Dark Side of the Human Story

Hello, readers.

Recently, I’ve been “inspired” by a certain website dedicated to something that I otherwise enjoy to vent by means of poetry about just how crude, classless, childish, and outright idiotic we humans can be towards each other and precisely just how oblivious we can all be of our own behavior and its effect on others—assuming, of course, that certain people amongst us even care at all about their behavior to begin with. I apologize, too, if I sound a little too pessimistic for my own good or for anyone else’s liking, and if that deters you away from this work of mine, I understand. Hopefully by this coming Sunday, I’ll have another poem of mine for my regular “Poem of the Week” segment that will be more positive and perhaps even provide a solution for a problem that has always irked me, even (or, perhaps I should say, especially) as a youngster, for one reason or another. However, for those of you out there who are as sick and tired of certain other people’s attitudes about, quite frankly, anything at all and would appreciate some much-needed catharsis, I hope you will be able to find at least something in the following Shakespearean sonnet, The Dark Side of the Human Story.


The Dark Side of the Human Story
August 20, 2013

Human stupidity blows me away.
No matter how we progress as a race,
It rears its fat, ugly head anyway
And blows right up in our collective face.
Telling “ugly” folks to go kill themselves,
Even when they’ve done nothing wrong to us;
Raging at people to go straight to Hell
When our own words coax them to throw a fuss;
Making “jokes” about others’ misfortunes,
Mannerisms, int’rests, or pref’rences;
Cocky, spiteful words shot from oral guns,
Computer screens our only “defenses…”
Thin-skinned yet thick-skulled with razor tongues—
And this is but part of what we’ve become.


Well, that’s enough venting for me today. Hopefully, this poem wasn’t too much of a downer for anyone kind enough to read it, but hey—maybe there’s some chance that it’ll be of use to someone else out there, whatever that use may be. After all, let’s be realistic, people—there are too many people in this world who need to grow up, shut up, and stop getting carried away when it comes to something that’s meant to be enjoyed, be it a beloved music act or comic, a favorite sport or video game franchise, or even a comedic television show that’s actually funny.

At any rate, folks, thank you for stopping by my blog and catching up with me, and as I’ve said before, I have every intention of making my next poem a little bit more positive, to say the very least. In the meantime, though, feel free to visit out my author pages at,, and to check out the publications I have available for sale, and in the words of Ellen DeGeneres, “Be kind to one another.” Until next time, then, readers, happy reading!

Dustin M. Weber

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