Poem of the Week: Beating the Square Peg Blues

Hello, readers!

Well, folks, this week is the week when school starts for all the students living in my neck of the woods, and as such, I’ve felt inspired to write a little limerick chain offering a little advice to everyone who’s going back to school on how to make the most out of the school year, at least as far as one aspect of school life goes. Without further ado, then, here’s Beating the Square Peg Blues. Please enjoy!


Beating the Square Peg Blues
August 14, 2013

Sometimes you just can’t win
When it comes to fitting in
‘Cause hey, you’re yourself,
Not anyone else,
And that’s no mortal sin.

Why try to be what you’re not
When it causes your soul to rot?
Why try to be “cool”
And act like a fool
And end up looking like a snot?

Why try to like that which you hate
And might always will sans debate
Just to make a few friends
Who, in the end,
Will see through you, no matter how late?

Why try to hide who you are
And give yourself moral scars
When it’s far easier
Rather than queasier
To do the honest thing by far?

It’s just simpler to tell the truth
And avoid looking like a goof
Than portraying a lie
And trying to get by
Providing for it false proof.

Nobody appreciates a phony
Trying to become a crony,
For even carnivores
Won’t care for what’s in store
When they’re fed that kind of baloney.

If anything, just try to be
A good member of humanity.
Do what you know is right
And never quit the fight
In being the best person you can be.

Be the first to extend your respect
To the people whom you’ve just met,
And from there let things grow,
And then, who knows?
You might make some friends that way yet,

For that way, people will say
You for who you are genuinely,
And they might gravitate
Towards you without debate,
And presto! Friendship as it should be.

After all, in this day and age
When fraud has long been all the rage,
Goes a long way, you see,
So write this on your cleanest journal page:

Be yourself. That’s all you can do
In getting folks to appreciate you.
Forget pandering and deceit.
Honesty’s the way to beat
What one would call the “Square Peg Blues,”

And should it be that you still don’t fit in,
Remember that that’s no sin,
For so long as you’re you
And always stay true
To yourself throughout life, you’ll still win.


Well, that should do it for this week. I hope that you’ve all gotten something out of this poem, even if your school days are well behind you. At any rate, thank you once again for stopping by, and as always, feel free to visit out my author pages at Smashwords.com, Amazon.com, and Amazon.co.uk to check out the publications that I have available for purchase. Other than that, everyone, happy reading!

Dustin M. Weber


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