Poem of the Week: Hope for the Future of Media

Hope for the Future of Media
July 25, 2013

Moving on,
Moving ahead,
Ahead with new characters,
Ahead with new stars—
Stars with personality,
Stars with talent—
Talent that will take them far,
Talent that rings true with fans—
Fans who see the effort,
Fans who appreciate the effort,
The effort of the players,
The effort of the writers—
Writers who have talent of their own,
Writers who know what they’re doing,
Doing what they can,
Doing what’s right—
Right for the future,
Right for the industry,
Industry that’s shot to Hell,
Industry that’s been dying—
Dying for a change,
Dying for a renewal,
Renewal for a new generation,
Renewal for a greater good.
Good riddance to the rubbish of the present!
Good luck to the venues of the future,
Future saviors,
Future salvation,
Salvation from redundancy,
Salvation from foolishness—
Foolishness of the tasteless,
Foolishness of the greedy,
Greedy for attention,
Greedy for money—
Money that they don’t deserve,
Money that could be spent on something greater—
Greater for the masses,
Greater for the world as a whole—
Whole world in need of change,
Whole world that’s been ready for change.
Change can be good.
Change is sometimes a necessity.
Necessity is the mother of invention.
Necessity can be a great driving force—
Force enough to shake things up,
Force enough to bring about what we’ve all been clamoring for…
For a better tomorrow…
For a future that’s bright…


Author Pages: Smashwords.com




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