Poem of the Week: Prejudice: The Scourge of Humanity

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It’s been a while since I’d last posted a limerick chain on this blog, so without further ado, here’s this week’s “Poem f the Week,” Prejudice: The Scourge of Humanity. Enjoy!


Prejudice: The Scourge of Humanity
August 2, 2013

Prejudice is wrong—
Cruel, spiteful, mindless, heartless…
That’s the best word I
Can use to fully describe
It in all its forms.
Just because someone
Isn’t like you in one way
Or another is
No excuse to harm
That person physically,
Or mentally. The
Whole notion of doing such
A thing makes me sick.
Since when does gender,
For example, make someone
Inferior in
Any aspect in
Any field? Since when are men
Superior to
Women, on one hand,
Or women to men, on the
Other? Since when should
One’s hormone levels
Ensure one preferential
Treatment over one
Whose hormones are not
Balanced in a like fashion?
It’s the same with race.
Since when does the shade
Of one’s skin make one better
Or worse than any
Other person? When
Was skin color ever an
Excuse to show scorn
And disdain towards
A fellow human being?
Even if someone
Has the gall to live
Up to some gross negative
Stereotype of
His or her race, does
That really provide grounds for
Other folks to show
Disparagement and
Wrath towards ev’ryone else
Of that very race?
I don’t think so…and
Yet, throughout the course of this
Lecture of mine, I’ve
Just scratched the surface
Of the argument I’ve been
Trying to make here,
For there are many
Other factors about a
Given person that
Anyone else can
Use to justify, albeit
Wrongly, loathing them:
Ethnicity, religion,
Age, choice of hobby,
Sexual lean—you
Name it, it can be used as
An excuse to deem
A person “wrong” or
“Evil” or what have you, and
Yet, the most crucial
Thing one can measure
To judge another’s worth as
A human being—
His or her moral
Nature—is oft ignored by
One too many folks,
Prejudiced or not,
‘Cause let’s be real, people: Who’s
More despicable—
The back-breaking blue
Collar worker or the gun-
Toting murderer?
The contemplative
Street philosopher or the
Serial rapist?
The ev’ryday home-
Maker with mouths to feed, or
The political
Radical who tries
Ev’ry which way he or she
Can to promote his
Or her agenda?
You tell me. No matter what,
Though, one thing’s for sure:
Evil is much more
Than what you happen to be;
It’s what you say or
Do that makes you a
Bad person, and that includes
Ostracizing and
Degrading other
Folks based on things other than
Their morality.
Such a thing is rude,
Disgusting, and classless, and
It offers other
People proper grounds
Upon which to judge you, and
Honestly, wouldn’t
You rather people
See you as a credit to
The human race and
Not as just one more
Schmuck—just another asshole
For society
To adds to its oh-
So-rapidly growing list
Of people who’ve made
This world a viler,
Nastier place to live in
Than it needs to be?
Think about it like
That, and hopefully you’ll make
The right decision.
Prejudice is wrong,
After all, and is just one
More deplorable
Behavior that the
Human race sadly displays
From time to time that
I wish we’d all move
Forward from, but alas, it
Seems we might never
Do such a thing in
This lifetime, though that doesn’t
Mean we shouldn’t at
Least try to set things
Straight with all our neighbors and
Kin, which is what we
Should have been doing
Throughout history and ought
To do right now while
We all still have our
Health. After all, isn’t it
Humanity’s job
To leave the world in
A better state than what it
Was in when we were
First born into it?
Perhaps we should all take that
Into account the
Next time any of
Us feel as though we’re about
To succumb to our
Darker natures and
Let such foul behaviors as
Prejudice scourge us.


That should do it for this week. Thank you all for stopping by, and I hope that this week’s lesson in respecting one’s fellow men and women resonated with you all. In the meantime, as always, please feel free to visit my author pages at Smashwords.com, Amazon.com, and Amazon.co.uk to check out my current list of publications as well as other articles and poems that I’ve posted here on WordPress.com, and until we meet again, happy reading!

Dustin M. Weber


2 thoughts on “Poem of the Week: Prejudice: The Scourge of Humanity

  1. Interesting. To be honest, though, you should’ve posted this a bit sooner after the whole fiasco with the George Zimmerman verdict. It would’ve had a bit more impact on your readers that way. Otherwise, good read.

    • I appreciate your compliment. To tell you the truth, though, I wasn’t even thinking of the whole Trayvon Martin case at the time I wrote this. Rather, it’s geared more towards prejudice in the world in general, but thanks for your input all the same.

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