Poem of the Week: Washed Up

Washed Up
July 1, 2013

Washed up,
Washed out.
Out with the old,
Out with the tired.
Tired old bullcrap!
Tired of it all!
All outdated,
All overrated—
Overrated by the marketers,
Overrated by the masses.
Masses of puppets,
Masses of marks—
Marks for anything constant,
Marks for anything long-lasting,
Lasting beyond relativity
Lasting beyond worth.
Worth is it to dwell on the past?
Worth is it to not move forward,
Forward with new products?
Forward with fresh ideas?
Ideas for a new generation?
Ideas the might inspire in their own right?
Right we are to strive for such a notion.
Right we are to make such progress—
Progress towards tomorrow,
Progress away from rehashing.
Rehashing does nothing for anyone.
Rehashing only holds people back—
Back from being what they could be,
Back from saying what they want to say—
Say what needs to be said,
Say what they honestly feel,
Feel in their hearts,
Feel in their heads,
Heads thinking of the future.
Heads living in the present—
Present to offer solutions,
Present to introduce new ideas—
Ideas that might not have been around “back in the day,”
Ideas that might possibly change people’s perceptions—
Perceptions on how things can be,
Perceptions on how things should be.
Be diligent, future minds, in improving the world.
Be brave against all adversity—
Adversity against a better world,
Adversity against diversity.
Diversity, after all, is our key to salvation.
Diversity will see to this world’s revival.


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