Poem of the Week: The Pressure of Grandeur

Hello, readers!

This week’s “Poem of the Week” concerns the aftermath of when someone finally receives that which he or she has been struggling to attain for a long time. That being said, here’s The Pressure of Grandeur. Please enjoy!


The Pressure of Grandeur
June 18, 2013

Nothing in life that’s worth it comes easy.
That’s a fact upon which you can rely,
And even though it might make one queasy
To have to fight for things, one can’t deny
That once one wins the fight and finally
Receives that which one’s struggled so long for,
The smoke will at last clear so that one sees
Just what the rest of one’s life has in store.
The question remains, however, if one
Can make the most out of one’s destiny
And live up to all the honors one’s won
Or lose it all in one jerk of the knee.
Will the pressure of grandeur make you crack,
Or have you wits enough to stay on track?


That is all for this week, folks. Thank you all for stopping by and checking out my work. As always, feedback is welcome, and until next we meet, feel free to check out my author pages (Smashwords.com, Amazon.com, and Amazon.co.uk) to see my current list of publications. Otherwise, take care, and happy reading!


Dustin M. Weber


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