Bonus Poem of the Week: Trolls

Hello, readers!

As a special bonus for this week, I’ve decided to publish yet another poem dedicated to anyone and everyone who frequents the Internet in one way or another—whether said person hosts a blog, visits message boards (Twitter and other social media websites included), or even simply watches YouTube videos (or videos on sites similar to YouTube)—and is so sick and tired of posters of any age, either gender, and so forth who leave hateful, nasty comments towards or about others for their race, nationality, political or religious beliefs, hobbies/interests, personal ideas, or anything else of the sort. Granted, the best thing to do with such people is to not openly respond to their ignorance so as not to fuel their petty egos and let them know that they’ve otherwise gotten under your skin with their insolence. At most, people should just flag such comments as spam and leave it at that, hoping that the administrators of Website X take action and have said comments removed and, if possible, suspend the poster from the site on fitting grounds—particularly the comments where the poster in question wishes death or otherwise harm unto the party whom he or she is lashing out against. Then again, even as much as I myself know this, I’ve got to admit that whenever I just want to kick back and take a break by watching an episode of a television show I hadn’t seen in over a decade or read reviews that shoppers at such-and-such an online store or read such-and such a news story about something that’s going on in today’s mixed-up world and end up coming across such remarks, I simply find myself reminded of just how low humanity has sunken in recent years and how for every good person in the world, there apparently has to be at least one individual who feels the need to be a thorn in someone—if not, in fact, everyone—else’s side by portraying himself or herself as a condescending, illiterate, uncivilized, intolerant, spiteful jackass.

However, rather than go on more of a tirade about this topic than I already have, I’ve decided instead to vent my frustrations through poetry in a manner not too much unlike the way I had in my poem from June 8, 2012, Folks Who Won’t Let Go. Not only that, but the following poem is also an experiment for me in that it utilizes a format that I’ve never used before in my life up until now—namely, the blitz poem format, which Writer’s Digest’s very own Robert Lee Brewer discusses here via his “Poetic Asides” blog at for people who are unfamiliar with this particular poetic structure. Granted, this particular composition only scratches the surface of this problem, but even with that in mind, I still hope that I’ve done this type of poem justice. At any rate, here’s Trolls. Enjoy!


April 30, 2013

Trolls bite.
Trolls blow.
Blow them to the wind.
Blow them to pieces.
Pieces of crap.
Pieces of garbage.
Garbage cans overflowing,
Garbage trucks overflowing—
Overflowing with hate,
Overflowing with immaturity.
Immaturity spawns from boredom.
Immaturity spawns from idle hands,
Hands that type with spite,
Hands that type with illiteracy—
Illiteracy that indicates laziness,
Illiteracy that indicates ignorance.
Ignorance: a plague of the times.
Ignorance: a burden unto society.
Society has been crippled.
Society may never heal—
Heal its brittle, broken bones,
Heal from the countless blows it’s been dealt,
Dealt with merciless wrath,
Dealt by self-righteous brats—
Brats with no sense of propriety,
Brats with no sense of remorse—
Remorse for their cowardly tactics,
Remorse for the hatred they’ve spewed,
Spewed forth like dragon’s breath,
Spewed forth like gobs of venom—
Venom at that with which they disagree,
Venom at that which they don’t understand—
Understand to grow more tolerant,
Understand to grow more accepting,
Accepting of the world around them,
Accepting of others’ differences—
Differences that fuel their contempt,
Differences that fuel their fear.
Fear feeds disdain.
Fear frags logic.
Logic teaches sensibility.
Logic provides wisdom.
Wisdom teaches kindness.
Wisdom provides solutions—
Solutions to a crumbling social structure,
Solutions to a deprived world order.
Order keeps in line the antisocial.
Order protects the innocent from miscreants…


And that’s my rant in a nutshell. Anyhow, for those of you who have read the above composition, thank you for your time and for understanding my grievances with this particular topic. Hopefully, this problem will die down in the years to come, although common sense tells me that such a hope is more in vain than anything else. Also, here’s to saying what one means and meaning what one says as well as to agreeing to disagree when it comes to various opinions and interests. After all, I know well myself that of the people I’ve railed against in the poem above, not all of them are sincere with what they post on this website or that and only say things to rile people up, no matter how asinine such a tactic is. Also, we all have our own differences, be they political, religious, racial…what have you. However, if you feel so strongly about something that you have to talk about it with anyone anywhere, yet cannot remain calm and rational and instead feel the need to resort to using ad hominem attacks or otherwise be a burden unto the party you disagree with, then please do yourself a favor, and just walk away from the matter at hand until you feel you can approach the issue with maturity, civility, and grace.

Again, everyone, thank you, and happy reading.

Dustin M. Weber


2 thoughts on “Bonus Poem of the Week: Trolls

  1. hey everybody im a loser named nik and i trolled this dude last summer cause im special and im honoured to have him write for me cause I harassed him from me mum’s cellar jus because i didnt like one thing in one article that he wrote an had to leave a long nasty hateful comment acting all gangsta an stuff in all lowercase letters an no punctuation cause im lazy and stupid like that an not tough at all in the slightest so thank you for the poem dude i really preciate it

    • Well, if nothing else, at least you’re honest about yourself…even if only for once in your sad, miserable life.

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