Poem of the Week: The ABCs of Comedy

Hello, readers!

This week’s “Poem of the Week” is just a quick little composition that I was able to write up the other day based on the alphabet and a topic that’s been on my mind throughout this past week. Without further ado, then, here’s The ABCs of Comedy. Please enjoy!


The ABCs of Comedy
April 22, 2013

A is for Aggravating, which comics should never try to be.
B is for Belittling, which drives crowds away. Believe me.
C is for Crazy, which—in proper doses—scores big laughs.
D is for Dame—often a raunchy comic’s “better half.”
E is for the Ebb of Endorphins a well-timed gag can bring.
F is for Funny Flatulence; only rarely is there such a thing.
G is for “Goodness Gracious! That Gag made me wet myself!”
H is for Hilarity and all the problems that it can Help.
I is for Idiot, which many a good comic has feared not to be.
J is for every Joke that’s been told with thoughtful delivery.
K is for every Kid and Kid-at-Heart who enjoys good comedy.
L if for the Laughs within which great comics drown in like the sea.
M is for the Mime who can tell a swell story without a single word.
N is for the Noise that fills the air after a great routine is heard.
O is for the Omnipresence of a comic’s talents in the news
Whereas P is for that Playful Pun that Pierces People’s blues.
Q is for Quietly contemplating an evening’s repertoire
While R is for Riding that Rush of adrenaline to become a star.
We all know, too, that “Star” begins with S, and so does “Sensation
Whereas T stands for “Top of the Industry” and “Talk of the Nation.”
U, though, stands for the Ugliness of topics that are too dark to touch,
For should you, V will stand for the Venom you’ll surely receive—and much!
W, meanwhile, stands for Wit—a comic’s best tool of the trade,
And X stands for Xerox, from which no comedy legend had ever been made.
Y is for Yukking it up—the sound that comics all strive to hear
While Z is for the Zzz’s that listeners might catch during an act—a comic’s fear.

Now you know the ABCs of comedy, simple as can be,
And though this discourse on the topic is just rudimentary,
Hopefully it inspires you, future comedian, to go out there
And make the people of the world laugh because you care!


Well, that should do it for this week. Personally, I hope that these past few “poetic experiments” of mine have done at least something to freshen up the material on my blog here—even if only as far as my poetry goes—and that those of you who have read my latest compositions have been enjoying them. If so, please let me know in the comments section below. If not, constructive criticism is welcome. Otherwise, I plan to publish something new here in the near future that’s more directly related to my literary career. I cannot promise exactly when I’ll be able to post it, but please keep your eyes open on this website for when such an occasion does indeed come.

In the meantime, I apologize wholeheartedly for this particular message for being so late in the month, but I owe a big thank you to everyone who has been following—or, at the very least, checking out—my blog for the past year and showing me your support. Regardless of whether you are one of the 100+ followers I’ve received since my first day here at WordPress.com or simply someone who has liked anything I’ve produced, I truly appreciate each and every one of you taking the time out of your day to read that which I’ve written for this website. After all, people like you are the reason why I plan on providing even more poems, articles, novel samples, and so on in the days to come, and I definitely look forward to attracting more attention and entertaining (and perhaps even inspiring) even more people than I already have been able to thus far. Therefore, once again, thanks, everyone! 🙂

Also, as always, feel free to check out my author pages at Smashwords.com, Amazon.com, and Amazon.co.uk for whatever books I currently have out on the market. Other than that, until we meet again, folks, happy reading!

Dustin M. Weber


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