Poem of the Week: Unfulfilled Schemes

How are you, readers?

This week’s “Poem of the Week” is hereby dedicated to everyone out there who has a dream that they’d like to accomplish some time in his or her life, yet needs that extra kick in the derriere in order to get the ball rolling on it. Without further ado, then, here’s Unfulfilled Schemes. Please enjoy!


Unfulfilled Schemes
April 5, 2013

So you say you want to improve your station
Within this violent, downtrodden nation
And get out of the mess you’re currently in,
No thanks to the hazardous life of sin
You’ve led for I don’t know how many years,
And yet, you’ve made no effort, my dear,
To make things right on your own accord—
Not even when you could afford
To make such changes on your own time
For a handful of minutes and nary a dime.
What’s your excuse, then, for being so meek
In achieving the greatness you hope to seek?
Are you just scared? Are you really that afraid
Of becoming that into which you could be made?
Does anxiety somehow grip your heart
And prevent you from making a brand new start?
Are you perhaps lazy and procrastinating
From that which could help you in elevating
Yourself from the pits of society
And help you become all that you can be?
Are you perchance ignorant of which resources
Can lead you to or provide the forces
You need to escape the trap you’ve made
For yourself on account of how you’ve behaved?
If so, you’re better off screwing your heels
Into the ground, if you wish to wield
The power and prestige you demand so often,
So straighten your spine and never soften
To the torrent of blows you’ll continue to face
In your quest to come across a much better place,
For only hard work and perseverance
Will garner you any valid clearance
Toward your goals, so learn to face
Adversity head on and put it in its place.
Take each challenge as it comes
And learn to ascend it, rung by rung.
Always take action; never put off
Your tasks, lest you want to hear the scoffs
From every detractor who says you can’t make it,
And when such criticism gets to you, shake it
Off as thoroughly as you’re able,
Then bring all you’ve got to the table
And put your nose to the grindstone, my friend,
And keep it there ‘til the very end.
Don’t be afraid to accept, either,
A helping hand from any believer
Who’ll gladly help you achieve your dreams
And keep you from falling apart at the seems.
Surely, there’ll be folks to help see you through.
Just don’t let them hand your actual dreams to you.
Success, after all, is a serious matter
That should never be served on a silver platter
To anyone who sits on his or her butt
And demands it just to fill his or her gut
With it and not make an effort to savor
Its rich, succulent, ambrosia-like flavor.
Stuff served like that only goes to waste,
And after a while, it’s no longer worth the taste.
Such is a hard lesson too many have learned,
And you, too should realize that only when earned
Does success, in any form, taste sweet.
Now, do yourself a favor and get on your feet
And see to it that your goals you do meet
And your ambitions are at last fulfilled,
For only you have the power and the will,
Ultimately, to determine your fate,
Whether you remain in a position you hate
Or live happily ever after.
Therefore, are you ready to start a new chapter
In life and finally fulfill your dreams
Or be forever plagued by unfulfilled schemes?


And this hereby concludes yet another “Poem of the Week.” I hope that all of you who have read this piece feel a bit more inspired to go out and achieve your dreams and to not let your hang-ups get the better of you. Aside from that, however, I’d like to thank you all for stopping by my blog once again to check my stuff out and hope that you’ll come by next week for yet another composition. I also hope that you’ll be willing to swing on by my author pages at Smashwords.com, Amazon.com, and Amazon.co.uk to see which books I have available for purchase. Until next time, then, happy reading!

Dustin M. Weber


4 thoughts on “Poem of the Week: Unfulfilled Schemes

  1. Wow! Pretty effective words you’re using here, my friend. I honestly love the message of this poem you’ve written here. Indeed, we need more people on the ‘Net like you telling the masses to get up off their duffs and do something with themselves. You can’t believe just how much depressing, disturbing, and downright terrible material there is out there for the general public to come across.

    Good job, sir. Keep it up!

    • Thanks for your support. I’m just happy to put the word out there and do my part–no matter how little a part it may be–to help people realize that not everything has to be all “doom and gloom” and whatnot. Feel free to subscribe to check out more of my work, should you be interested.

  2. An interesting discussion is worth comment. I believe that you should write more about this issue. It may not be a taboo subject, but generally folks don’t discuss this kind of topic all that often.

    • That’s actually not a bad idea. However, I prefer to use a different format for my next poem for the sake of keeping things fresh. I’ll admit that for a while after having started this blog, the poems I used to include didn’t vary in terms of structure from one another as I now believe they ought to have. I’ve been seeing to it that that changes, though, by familiarizing myself with some new poetry styles. Expect my next couple “Poems of the Week,” therefore, to contrast a little bit more from my earlier work in terms of composition.

      At any rate, thank you for your feedback! It’s much appreciated. 🙂

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